Wednesday, December 6, 2017

DVD Netflix Holiday Twitter Giveaway

This giveaway is sponsored by DVD Netflix.

As a special treat for my readers, I have a holiday giveaway just for you! I've partnered up with DVD Netflix to giveaway three $100 DVD Netflix gift cards. One gift card equals a year's subscription at the 1 disc at a time tier. However the credit can be applied to any tier or bundle (streaming and DVD rental) you have. If you don't have DVD Netflix and want to try it out, this is a great opportunity to start. For existing DVD Netflix members, this is a nice way to cover the costs for a good stretch.

DVD Netflix has a wide variety of classic movies on DVD (and Blu-Ray if you chose to upgrade the service). I have been using it for years to watch new-to-me films, to dive into a particular star's filmography or just to try something different. It's a good service to have especially if the titles you're interested in are not available on streaming services.

As the title of this post suggests this is a Twitter giveaway. You must have a Twitter account to participate as all the prompts relate to that platform.

Rules and Regulations: Must be 18+ or over. DVD Netflix is only available in the US (sorry Canadian and International readers!). One completed entry per person. Contest ends Sunday December 10th at midnight EST. Winners will be chosen the following day and announced below.

You must complete all prompts to enter.


1) Follow my Twitter @Quellelove

2) Follow @DVDNetflix on Twitter

3) Tweet out my newest guest post "5 Holiday Gems from the 1940s" and tag both @Quellelove and @DVDNetflix. Click on the link or the image above to tweet!

4) Leave a comment below with your Twitter username written out (so I can check entries) and tell me about your favorite holiday movie!

Stay tuned as I'll have some fun DVD Netflix content coming on this blog, my social profiles and on the DVD Inside the Envelope blog in 2018!

Congrats to the three winners!


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