Saturday, March 28, 2015

TCM Classic Film Festival 2015: Day Two Recap

Christopher Plummer's hand and footprints in cement.

Sleep? Who needs sleep? I got up early on Friday to attend the Christopher Plummer Hand and Footprint Ceremony at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre courtyard. Last year's event with Jerry Lewis was so much fun so I was looking forward to this one. Ben Mankiewicz was the MC and actress Shirley MacLaine and actor William Shatner gave speeches before Christopher Plummer made his imprints in cement. We all had a great time and were grateful for being in the shade on a hot day.

Christopher Plummer setting his footprints in cement

After the ceremony I went to see Reign of Terror (1949) at the Chinese Multiplex. Ileana Douglas introduced the film calling it the French Revolution meets film noir. After the film, Eddie Muller of the Film Noir Foundation interviewed Norman Lloyd who was in the film. I had the worst seat for viewing the film but the best for seeing Norman Lloyd up close. He walked by me twice and on his way out I said "thank you" and he replied back to me "thank you". I can't believe THE Norman Lloyd looked me in the eyes and spoke words to me. I'm still on cloud nine.

Eddie Muller interviewing Norman Lloyd

After Reign of Terror, I ran over to the Roosevelt hotel for a glimpse of Ann-Margret as she was being interviewed by Ben Mankiewicz. She looked absolutely stunning.

Ben Mankiewicz interviewing Ann-Margret

Then we quickly headed over to the Grauman's Egyptian theatre to get in line for The Cincinnati Kid (1965) where I would see Ann-Margret again. The movie looks fantastic on such a big screen. The cinematography and that gorgeous cast was meant to be seen in a proper theatre. It's also one of the sexiest screenings I've ever been to. I'm glad my husband was there to share the experience with me.

Quick shot of Carlos meeting Peter Fonda

I meant to attend a Peter Fonda event at Club TCM but hunger and low blood sugar won out. I did catch a little of his talk about his dad Henry Fonda. Also, Carlos got a chance to meet Peter Fonda. He noticed Fonda was writing with his left hand so he went up to him and said "from one leftie to another" and shook his hand.

Ben Mankiewicz interviewing George Lazenby

Afterwards, we mosied on over to the Chinese Multiplex to catch On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969). Ben Mankiewicz interviewed Bond star George Lazenby before the screening started. Lazenby is quite the cad and regaled us with some hilarious and rather sexy stories.

Stay tuned as I'll be doing in-depth posts about the various events I attended!


  1. The Cincinnati Kid is so underrated. It's one of the most entertaining films ever made. I wish I could have seen it on the theater at TCM! I'm a public librarian here in Ohio, and I run our library's classic film program. I am planning to include this gem in our summer schedule. Our 80" flat screen isn't the same as a theater, but it's as close as we can get.

  2. Ann-Margret is SUCH a babe! I saw her once before in concert and would love to get the chance to see her again. She looks sensational!

  3. I wish I was there so badly! But seeing and reading about your adventures just makes my heart swell from excitement for you and everyone there!!! I can't wait for my chance to finally go!!!


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