Friday, March 27, 2015

TCM Classic Film Festival 2015: Day One Recap

This trip has been such a whirlwind of activity and excitement I don't know quite where to begin! The day started off with a 3 hour tour through Hollywood and L.A. courtesy of the TCM Movie Locations Tour bus. Ben Mankiewicz was there in person to send us off and our tour guide Michael entertained us with trivia, film clips and jokes. Our group was made up of bloggers and members of the media so you know we were all busy taking photos and scribbling down notes. A dedicated post on this tour will be on this blog soon. The tours run Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 12:30PM. TCM and Starlines also have a movie locations bus in New York City.

Jessica of Comet Over Hollywood and I on the bus tour.

Michael, our hilarious tour guide.

Next on my agenda was the Sound of Music (1965) red carpet event. We got in line extra early to be seated at the bleachers. We got a great view of the stars as they were walking down the red carpet to attend the event. Spotlight Pass holders also walk the red carpet and it was great to see what everyone was wearing and to cheer as they headed into Grauman's Chinese theatre. I got to see lots of stars including Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer, Shirley Jones, Peter Fonda, some members of the cast of Grease, Robert Morse, Norman Lloyd, Diane Baker and more. I'll be sharing all my photos in a dedicated post but here are a couple samples.

Part of the cast of Grease (1978)
Shirley Jones

Errol Flynn's daughter (Rory) and grandson

I spent too long at the red carpet so I missed the screening of Too Late for Tears (1949). I asked a staff member what screening was still open and he told me I could get into Queen Christina (1933).  I had never seen it before and was more than willing to give it a shot. It's such a great film. Garbo's performance was amazing and I adored seeing my favorite actors Lewis Stone and Akim Tamiroff on the big screen.

Stay tuned as I'll be sharing my daily recaps plus full-length and detailed posts about the various TCM Classic Film events that I attend.

My husband and I went to a live filming of the TV show Jeopardy! Alex Trebek took questions from the audience during commercial breaks. Normally I'm too shy but I've been feeling quite brave on this trip so I raised my hand to ask him a question.

Clue: Alex Trebek's favorite movie

Excellent answer Alex!


  1. Love that you were able to work in a classic movie related question for Alex Trebek! I'm sure he was delighted to answer that one.

    1. Robby - I really wanted to ask him a question and I'm glad I chose a simple one! They showed How Green Was My Valley at the festival last year and I'm wondering if he was in the audience for it.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to do a TCM Fest update...those of us unable to attend really appreciate the reports!

    1. Thank you so much for saying that Jeff! I'm glad you appreciate them.

  3. OMG the chance to see Queen Christina on the big screen must have been amazing! God knows I love Garbo and I can't imagine how much more beautiful she must look on a GIANT screen in a cinema theater *swoons*

    1. It wasn't a giant screen but it was a big screen and that was enough for me. That final long shot was mesmerizing. Wow!


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