Wednesday, July 31, 2013

TCM Summer Under the Stars 2013

TCM Summer Under the Stars starts tomorrow! Which day are you most excited about? I'm very excited about Mary Boland, Ramon Novarro, Ann Blyth, Steve McQueen, Fred MacMurray, Kirk Douglas, Mickey Rooney, Hattie McDaniel, Glenda Farrell and others. The days I'm most excited about are the ones showcasing stars I'm not as familiar with. I have already seen so many of the films they are showing on the Humphrey Bogart, Doris Day and Bette Davis days that I'm looking forward to other days with a lot more new-to-me films. And even stars I adore like Kirk Douglas and Mickey Rooney both have a lot of films that I haven't seen so this is a great opportunity to catch up.

I didn't have TCM for quite a few years and I got it last year in time for TCM Summer Under the Stars. However, all my vacation time was spent having my wedding and honeymoon that I worked all through August. We could barely afford the cable let alone a DVR so I missed most of last year's programming. We still don't have a (functioning) DVR but I was able to take some time off during August so I hope to be able to catch a lot more programming this year.

I'll also be contributing two pieces to the TCM Summer Under the Stars Blogathon! One on Steve McQueen and another on Kirk Douglas so watch for those coming up.

You can find the full schedule of stars and films here. See the list below for a recap!

Thursday August 1st – Humphrey Bogart
Friday August 2nd – Doris Day
Saturday August 3rd – Alec Guiness
Sunday August 4th – Mary Boland
Monday August 5th – Charlton Heston
Tuesday August 6th – Joan Fontaine
Wednesday August 7th – Fred MacMurray
Thursday August 8th – Ramon Novarro
Friday August 9th – Steve McQueen
Saturday August 10th – Lana Turner
Sunday August 11th – Henry Fonda
Monday August 12th – Catherine Deneuve
Tuesday August 13th – Mickey Rooney
Wednesday August 14th – Bette Davis
Thursday August 15th – Gregory Peck
Friday August 16th – Ann Blyth
Saturday August 17th – Wallace Beery
Sunday August 18th – Natalie Wood
Monday August 19th – Randolph Scott
Tuesday August 20th – Hattie McDaniel
Wednesday August 21st – William Holden
Thursday August 22nd – Maggie Smith
Friday August 23rd – Elizabeth Taylor
Saturday August 24th – Charles Coburn
Sunday August 25th – Clark Gable
Monday August 26th – Jeanne Crain
Tuesday August 27th - Martin Balsam
Wednesday August 28th – Shirley Jones
Thursday August 29th – Glenda Farrell
Friday August 30th – Kirk Douglas
Saturday August 31st – Rex Harrison


  1. I cannot WAIT for Clark Gable's day to come - his schedule looks amazing!

  2. Looking forward to it too, and reading the two blogathon entries

  3. without a doubt i am most excited about Glenda Farrell day! several films i've never seen so i am hoping i can take that day off and get 'em all, lol!
    like you i've seen most of the films of the major stars they are showing. not only that but i also have most of those films in my library so its actually a pretty light recording schedule for once!
    i look forward to your post about Kirk!


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