Sunday, December 16, 2012

Classic Film Haul Video

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Tutorial can be found at by gum, by golly!


  1. I really enjoyed watching your video, Raquel! Fun idea to highlight your recent purchases and good deals. (And thanks for the mention!) You've acquired some great movies that should bring a lot of enjoyment for years to come -- and scored some great prices.

    I've had a lot of fun with the Warner Archive sales myself this month, I've blown through my Christmas budget allotment for them and then some (grin) -- hard to pass up prices that are so much better than can be found most of the year. Perhaps sometime I'll follow your lead and do a post sharing some of my pickups.

    So glad you were introduced to the Mills Bros., they're fantastic. As I mentioned on Twitter, their Christmas album is one of my all-time favorites; it's soothing, beautiful music. It only seems to be available from Amazon in MP3 at the moment but perhaps someone else carries the CD version.

    Best wishes,

    1. Laura - Bless your heart for watching my video! I appreciate it. I think a Mills Brothers Christmas CD would be wonderful to listen to. I'll be on the lookout for the CD version too. Thanks for the heads up. Perhaps someone will carry it online.

  2. I really enjoyed your video! Now I want to watch golf musicals, they must be interesting, or at least peculiar. Recenly I watched and reviewed Saratoga, the last Jean Harlow film, and her chemistry with Gable was marvelous, it must be even better in a pre-code.
    I write to a website about books adapted into film, and I'm almost always reading one of the original stories. Until now, I haven't read anything by Raymond Chandler, but I'll do it.

    1. Le - Oh how I've wanted to watch Saratoga! I'm glad you got to watch it. Gable & Harlow were wonderful together. What is the website you write to about books adapted to film? I'd love to check it out. Obrigada!

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