Sunday, November 11, 2012

Catching Up with Quelle (7)

Oh Wedding Day - Many thanks to J.P. from the blog Comet over Hollywood for sending me this lovely picture of actress Susan Peters on her wedding day with director Richard Quine. I had never seen it before!

 How well do you know my favorites? - Play my IMDB Quiz! Make sure you play the Genius version for even more fun. 

Old Favorites versus New-to-me Classics - I have been going through a difficult time lately. I feel trapped with no way out. Every time I find a glimmer of hope it seems like there is always someone that comes along to block it out. Whenever I feel blue, I can't be bothered to watch new movies. I know a lot of you watch movies by the boatload but I just can't handle that. Watching a film that is new to me can be an emotional ordeal. There is a lot to take in and to think about. When I'm feeling blue, I find that old favorites are comforting. Movies that I know well, that I know I will enjoy and that have no mystery. What kind of movies do you like to watch when you are blue?

Maybe a viewing of one of my all-time favorites Nancy Drew - Detective (1938) will cheer me up.


  1. It's always best to revisit old friends during tough times. Wishing you lots of cheer, my friend, hope you're feeling well very soon!

  2. Sorry to hear you've been struggling of late and, like Cliff, I hope the sun is soon shining for you -- may 2013 be a great year!

    I know that if I'm not feeling well I tend to gravitate toward the musicals which were my first movie love -- after having surgery a few weeks ago I was watching old favorites like NEPTUNE'S DAUGHTER, THE TENDER TRAP, and HIGHER AND HIGHER. While I'm one of those people who answers to the description of watching movies by the boatload (grin) -- I find it a stress reliever, spending time with the movies and actors I enjoy so much -- I do find that if I'm especially tired or stressed I choose "new to me" movies more carefully, avoiding challenging topics and watching relatively undemanding "comfort food" genres such as Westerns or "B" movies (nothing like a little George Sanders as the Falcon!).

    I've had my dad's NANCY DREW DVD set here on loan for quite a while -- you've reminded me I still need to watch NANCY DREW - DETECTIVE!

    Best wishes,

  3. Sorry to hear your going through a tough time, I hope the corner turns soon for you. Like Laura I always turn to musicals - especailly the ones I've grown up with - 'Wonder Man', 'The Pirate', 'Can Can', 'The Tender Trap' and my absolute fav 'My Sister Eileen'. All the best.


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