Sunday, October 14, 2012

Catching Up with Quelle (4)

Mae West and the Power of Suggestion - Noir Girl retweeted the following from @SonyVine on  " Did You Know?: Mae West never spoke a "dirty" word on screen nor did she ever kiss a leading man. " Wow! Really? That is simply quite amazing. Goes to show you the power of suggestion. Mae West suggested raunchiness and sex but never really did either on screen.

New Blog - My husband has his very own blog! It's called Live Fast, Look Good. It's a gentleman's blog all about cars, fashion, books, movies and lots of other things. He's very excited for this new venture so I very much encourage you to head on over to the blog and check it out.

New Domain and Design - I am so excited to announce that  Out of the Past is now . If you still link to my old address, no worries it will still work!

Also, my good friend and super talented illustrator Julianna Rose did some new designs for my blog. My site really needed an update and it was time to retire Bette Davis. Julianna designs are slick and super cool. They are very Saul Bass and she put a lot of time and effort into them.

Please make sure you check out Julianna's Etsy Store Friends with Pets. She does custom pet illustration which makes for a really great thought gift for a loved one who adores their pet.

Carla Laemmle turns 103 - I received an email from two folks who are trying raise funds to through Carla Laemmle a really nice 103rd birthday party. For those of you unfamiliar with Carla, she's an actress who worked during the silent film area. She had a bit part in The Phantom of the Opera (1925) as a ballet dancer.

Watch the special video message below. If you want to make a donation to help make the birthday celebration happen, visit the project's fundraising page on Indiegogo.


  1. very nice design!! love that header!

  2. Yes, awesome header! Thanks for pointing us to your designer ... bookmarking her for potential Christmas gifts.

  3. I love the new design! The Saul Bass look certainly works for Out of the Past. :-)


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