Monday, July 26, 2010

Robert Mitchum on Saturday Night Live

Jackpot! I've been searching for a clip (any clip) of Robert Mitchum hosting Saturday Night Live back in 1987. Thanks to the wonder of Twitter searches (and Tumblr ones too), I found a link to a clip recently posted on YouTube. It's of the skit "Death Be Not Deadly" in which Mitchum and Kevin Nealon spoof the Film Noir genre and that classic Noiresque voiceover that is so characteristic of the genre (yet found is so few of them oddly enough). It's an okay skit, funny but mostly enjoyable because of it's novelty. I think it's great that Mitchum was on a TV show which is still going strong today. Enjoy.


  1. Great stuff. I haven't seen this in years!

    I have this vague recollection he did a second noir spoof on the show called "Out of Gas" and that Jane Greer showed up for that one. Can't find a YouTube clip though -- does anyone else remember it?

    Or am I delusional ...?

  2. Oh my gosh! This was hysterical!

  3. Mythical - No you are right on. I remember reading about it in the Mitchum biography. Thanks to your comment I am now on a hunt for a clip of that skit! Thank you for that.

    Mercurie - Nuh uh!!!

    Millie - Wasn't it funny?!

  4. I watched SNL every week in the 80s how can I not remember this? Maybe I didn't know who Mitchum was when I was that young? Amazing find.

  5. Wow, I had no idea he hosted SNL. Thanks!

  6. Thanks for posting! Wish I'd had that for my film noir course last semester. Next time, next time... =)

  7. Well, that was one of my favorite SNL skits. Too bad it was taken down. Anybody know where this is still shown?


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