Friday, July 16, 2010

It's Ginger Rogers' birthday too. Move over Barbara Stanwyck!

Ginger is so upset at being overlooked by Stanwyck fans that she is threatening to clonk you all over the head with her trusty wrench!

Thank you to Jonas for the picture.


  1. Do you follow any of the Ginger Rogers blogs? There are about 8 million of them.. I think of all the classic film blogs out there, like 20% are devoted to Ginger! You should take a look, I think I have five or so on my blog roll :)

    You know Stanwyck is my favorite actress, but I did do a post for Stany, Ginger and my grandmom who also has a birthday today :)

  2. Put down the wrench, Ginger--we love you!

  3. Oh I'd take Ginger over Barbara any day, she's just so great! Is that image from Carefree? She's sort of got that goofy, recently-hypnotized look..

  4. Oh, we do love you Ginger!! (: I dedicated a post to you! :)

  5. I'm guilty of that oversight as well, but I fixed that by posting about Ginger just a few minutes ago. Thanks Raquelle for the cool post about her to remind all us classic movie fans about it.

  6. Kate - I guess not because a lot of the blogs I follow are written by Barbara Stanwyck fans. I'm surprised there aren't more Audrey Hepburn blogs?! I love your three paintings of Babs and I'm glad you posted them.

    John - LOL. Bonita Granville's got a wrench too. Let's hope no one makes her mad.

    Alex- I think it might be!

    Sophie - Yay!

  7. Monty - I wonder why I never noticed their shared birthday before. Thanks for your comment!

  8. Happy birthday to Ginger, Barbara, and Kate's grandma!

  9. I know a lot of classic film fans in general like Stany, but Ginger has a super devoted following.. there are a lot of blogs devoted to Ginger-only, you should check them out! :)

    I'm surprised about Audrey too.. her and Marilyn Monroe seem like the most popular classic actresses, but they don't actually get much attention in the film-blogging world, it seems!

    Two Ginger blogs I really like (and recommend!) are Gingerology and Finding Ginger.

    Thanks about the paintings :)


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