Sunday, May 23, 2010

LAMMY Nomination for Best Classic Movie Blog

The LAMBs have spoken. Out of the Past is one of the 7 blogs nominated for Best Classic Movie Blog. Last year this blog was nominated for Best Theme and the Classic Movie Blog is brand new. Now the LAMBs are not terribly Classic film blogger friendly. They have shuffled us into that "other" category holding us at an arms length. They treat the Horror Film bloggers even worse. But hey at least they are trying and are acknowledging us in our very own category.

If you are a LAMB and haven't voted yet, please vote for my little ole blog Out of the Past for Best Classic Movie Blog.

You may be asking yourself "Why should I vote for you?". Here are 10 good reasons why:

  1.  I bake. A lot. And I'm willing to bribe people with baked goods.
  2. I devote as much of my free time to this blog as possible. It's really a second job but it's also a passion. There is not a day that passes by that I don't try to think of what I should write next.
  3. I read other classic film blogs religiously. Thank goodness for Google Reader!
  4. A lot of work goes into each post. I try to make each post as interesting and humorous as possible and try to incorporate images and video when I can.
  5. I'm friendly. I've made friends with several other film bloggers. It's a great community and I like to think I help foster that.
  6. Did I mention that I bake?
  7. This blog is everywhere. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Stumble Upon, MovieBlips, All Consuming, Ravelry (yes my blog feeds on a Knitting/Crocheting site!), BlogBurst, BlogHer, Latina Bloggers, Decades I Love, Golden Age of Hollywood Ning, etc.
  8. This blog isn't going anywhere. As long as I'm alive and I'm watching classic films, I'll be posting on here.
  9. My name Raquelle comes from the Hebrew name Rahel which means "ewe" (a female lamb). Rachel in the Old Testament was a Shepardess. So I have a sheep connection to the LAMBs. That must mean I'm perfect for winning this award? Right?!
  10. Last but not least, I have the best readers any classic film blogging gal could wish for.

Even if I don't win, I'm glad to have been recognized. So thanks to everyone who voted and if you can spare a moment please vote for me again? Thank you. xoxo


  1. Congratulations Raquelle! Of course I nominated you and will vote for you :-) I've always been impressed by the amount of work you put into this and your food blog. I also love how creative you are. This is a well-deserved honor!

  2. Congrats on the nomination! I hope you win! I would vote, but sadly, I am not a LAMB.

  3. Congratulations on your nomination, well deserved.

  4. Congrats! Your blog most definitely deserves to win.

  5. Congratulations! Well deserved, to be sure. :)

  6. I am not a Lamb, but I would love to vote for you. I just started reviewing classic movies on the reliquiarium. Would love to have your input.

  7. Horny - I don't think I've seen The Locket. Will check it out. I do have Light on the Piazza recorded on tape and it's on my very long to-be-watched list. I'm so glad to hear from you!

    KC - Thank you for your nomination and your vote. I really appreciate it.

    Mercurie - Now you are!

    Jacqueline & John & Bev - Thank you! ::blushes::

    Leah - Sounds like you are just dropping a link? I'll still check out your site though.

  8. Congratulations! Naturally I voted myself silly for you!


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