Tuesday, May 18, 2010

An E-mail, Price Mitchum & how blogging is changing my life

Something amazing happened on Saturday. I got an e-mail from none other than Robert Mitchum's eldest son, James Mitchum. THE James Mitchum. I've written about him before if you recall. He starred with his dad in the film Thunder Road (1958) and I shared some screen shots to demonstrate how much James resembled his father. As it turns out, his brother, Christopher Mitchum, saw some of my posts (i.e. The Case of the Robert Mitchum Look-A-Like and Robert Mitchum is Dead) and forwarded my blog to James. James sent me a lovely e-mail which I proceded read over and over and over again. In the e-mail, he mentions that his son Price Mitchum is an up-and-coming actor studying in LA. I looked him up online and Price has the characteristic Mitchum look. He's going to be a heartbreaker for sure. (Go to my Tumblr heckyeahrobertmitchum to see a photo of Price).

Words cannot express how happy I am that both of Robert Mitchum's sons have read some of my posts!

This is not the first time I've been contacted by family members of a classic Hollywood star. The grandsons of Charles Emmett Mack (McNerney) have both written to me. Back in November, I sort of took Charles Emmett Mack on as a pet project. So little is known about him and so few people recognize the name. I wanted to change that! I started watching as many of his movies as I could and I'm still on the search for the Holy Grail which is a biographical article in Motion Picture Classics magazine. I love talking to Michael and I hope one day I can find some more information on Mack so I can help Michael and his brother learn more about their grandfather.

I guess it goes to show that when you share something in a public space, people take notice. When people read my posts and contact me directly, it makes me want to watch more classic films, do more research and write more posts. You spur me on. You are changing my life. And I just want to say: Thank You!


  1. that's great! We made Night of the Hunter the Noir of the Week again this week...

  2. What a neat story! :) :)

    Best wishes,

  3. That's just great! Your blog really deserves the recognition, & your Mitchum series has been first-rate.

  4. Hi Steve- Thanks. Yes I saw that! I want to check out that book about Robert Mitchum movies.

    Laura & John - Thanks so much!

  5. That is so amazing! Your Robert Mitchum posts have been fantastic!

  6. What an amazing story! Doesn't it make you wonder who else is reading you?

  7. Wow! Swell!
    This makes you the official Bob Mitchum fan blogger!

  8. Way cool! I still have the email I got from Pamela Springsteen (Bruce's sister). We take our brushes with greatness when we can!


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