Thursday, December 3, 2009

Quel Interprétation ~ Anita Page in The Easiest Way (1931)

Months and months ago I had planned a dual post with another blogger. We would both dress up as a particular classic film star. I would be sweet and she would be naughty. I chose to do Anita Page in The Easiest Way (1931) because for some reason I was really captivated by her wholesomeness in that film. I did my little photo shoot and waited. The other blogger forgot about me and posted her photo shoot on her blog anyways. I was a bit hurt, tucked my pictures away and forgot about them.

Then when I saw that Warner Bros. release The Easiest Way (1931) as part of their Warner Archive collection, I decided to blow the dust off my pictures and post them here.

Now this is a very loose interpretation. I saw a dress at H&M that looked very '20s style and had a nice color and polka-dots (I love polka-dots). It reminded me very much of this dress that Anita Page wears in the picture:

My outfit is sort a modern interpretation. I wore my purple-polka dotted H-M dress, my cloche hat, geometric tights, red high heels and I painted my nails with gold-colored nail polish (because a true Gold Digger would wear gold-colored nail polish right?).

So here is the result. This is purely just for fun! I hope you take the opportunity to watch The Easiest Way (1931) now that it's out on DVD. It's a nice little pre-code starring Constance Bennett, Robert Montgomery, Adolph Menjou, Anita Page and Clark Gable (in one of his early roles). If you are interested in Depression-era movies, that's quite a gem.


  1. oh wow! how cool! i'm a big Anita Page fan so you just scored major cool points! I agree The Easiest way is a good little picture and its always fun to see Gable in his early roles. For those that arent familiar with Anita, check out the trilogy of Joan Crawford films "Our Dancing Daughters", "Our Modern Maidens" and "Our Blushing Brides", that last one being the only talkie of the 3. All well worth seeing and Anita gives first-rate performances in them all.

  2. The hat really pulls it together! I need to see The Easiest Way. I'm way behind on my pre-code viewing. It's great how much stuff is coming out on DVD now, but it's hard to keep up!

  3. You did a great job recreating the outfit! I love the gold nail polish! :)

  4. You look great! I think you did a wonderful job with your interpretation!

  5. Wonderful! Great outfit! Speedway is a film I haven't seen, now I want to see it more!
    I also second Artman2112, the women films trilogy is brilliant and also historically very interesting as it transisions to talkie within the series.

  6. You are too cute! Love the whole outfit, especially the shoe/tights combo! :D

  7. Great job. I like how your blog is so personalized, you really make the old classic films feel alive.

  8. Gosh! I just had a senior moment. For some reason I was convinced the post was about Speedway. The Easiest Way may be speedy but naturally I mixed them up. I haven't seen The Easiest way either. Maybe I should stop working and take a cup of coffee or something and enjoy a film.

  9. In french language, there is a distinction between masculine and feminine. "Interprétation" is a feminine noun so it's not "Quel Interpretation" but "Quelle Interprétation".


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