Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas in Connecticut (1945) Menus

Every December I cling to one Christmas film which I proceed to watch over-and-over again. Last year it was Holiday Affair (1949) and the year before it was Love Actually (2004). This year it's Christmas in Connecticut (1945). My particular fascination with this film is all the food that is mentioned in the movie. I took an opportunity to sit down and right every food item that was mentioned and I created some fun menus. If you are familiar with the film, you'll spot some favorites. I included links to some recipes wherever available.

I hope you and your families have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Hallucinating on a Life Raft
Steak with Bordelaise Sauce - Wine

Ideal post-life raft post-starvation Dinner
Big, thick juicy steak - baked potatoes - asparagus with hollandaise sauce - chocolate cake with ice cream

Elizabeth Lane's Ultimate Christmas Dinner
Fresh Fruit Cup - Olives - Bouillon
Roast Goose Bernoise - Walnut Dressing - Giblet Gravy
Cranberry Orange Relish - Buttered Green Beans - Candied Sweet Potatoes
Tomatoes - Celery Souffle - Hot Rolls - Lettuce with Russian Dressing
Mince Pie - Pumpkin Pie - Ice Cream - Old Fashioned Plum Pudding
Fresh Fruit - Mixed Nuts - Mints - Coffee

Sinky's Magoo Meal
Chicken Maryland

Elizabeth Lane's Fake Husband's Favorite Meal
Lettuce & Endive salad with a creamy blue cheese dressing
Roast Duck

The Meal that didn't happen
Toasted Veal Cutlets that haven't been toasted

Apartment Breakfast
A plate of sardines thrown away - Mushroom omelet - Toast with butter and jam - Coffee

Next Month's Mink Coat Installment Meal
Breast of grave, sauteed with peaches grenadine - chicken soup with Mosel Wine 

Yardley's Reminiscing Through the Months Meal
October's Breast of Guinea - June's Strawberries Chantilly with rum and egg white

Felix's Cheer-You-Up-Out-of-a-Catastrophe Meal
Chicken Budapest - Brussel Sprouts a la Felix - Potatoes Au Gratin - Artichoke Hearts - Marinated Herring a la Creme

Ridiculous Buffet
Bologna - Horseradish - Nuts

The Ireland Meets Hungary Stew
Irish Stew + Paprika = Goulash

Post-Marathon Christmas Food Fest - Late Night Snack,
Chicken Drumsticks - Cold Chablis

Attractive Woman's Breakfast*
Flipped pancakes, good coffee and sizzling bacon

The Christmas Tease
Potage Mongol - Roast Goose Bernoise with walnut stuffing

Publisher's Temptation Breakfast
Kidney and onions

*served in a sunny kitchen

*Updated December 2022. I corrected the bones/points reference by removing it altogether. I also removed all links because they were very old.


  1. What a fun and creative post! This movie always makes me starving.

  2. that's my all-time fave xmas film :)

  3. All the talk of this film and I haven't seen it. hopefully TCM will play it!
    The chicken Maryland sounds like fun- chicken with squash and bananas.
    thanks for sharing the recipes!

  4. Jacqueline - This movie makes me hungry too, although I've never made anything that's mentioned. I imagine Goose Bernaise is a tad difficult.

    Artman - Ha!

    Tommy - There were several versions of Chicken Maryland. One was just friend chicken smothered in gravy but this one was the most interesting.

    No one noticed my veal link? :-P

  5. What a wonderful film--flip those pancakes!

  6. love this film, it's so great that you have outlined all of this! now i'm hungry.

  7. Now you're talking! Are you having a secret merger going on?

    I wish every film was presented like this. So many times I have wanted to copy meals from movies.

  8. I actually have a programme of my favourite Yuletide movies I watch each year: A Holiday Affair, Miracle on 34th Street, The Apartment, The Bishop's Wife, A Christmas Story, and It's a Wonderful Life. Love Actually joined that list last year. I would love to add Christmas in Connecticut to the list, but sadly I don't have it on DVD yet!

  9. Nice one Raquelle. And I just watched this movie the other night. I was wondering where the flipped pancakes where on your list and then I saw them near the end. Great job. Now I'm hungry.


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