Monday, November 16, 2009

If Eddie Felson from The Hustler (1961) was on


I can't lose.

36-year old man
New York, NY
seeking women 25-35
within 10 miles of New York, NY

Relationship: Never Married
Have Kids: None
Want Kids: No Interest
Body Type: Fit
Height: 5' 10"
Smoke: Regularly. It helps me concentrate on my game.
Drink: Regularly. J.T.S Brown (Bourbon Whiskey)

In My Own Words:

My manager Charlie put me up to this. I'm not really looking for anyone but if someone with a similar life experience who understands a man with troubles comes around, I won't turn her away.

For Fun: Shooting Pool & Drinking J.T.S Brown
My Job: Shooting Pool
Favorite hot spots: Ames', Stan's and various other pool halls. Bus Station, Kentucky Derby, etc.

About Me
Best Feature: Blue Eyes
Sports and exercise: Shooting Pool & Fighting in Pool Halls
Education: Streets
Occupation: Sales Rep peddling Druggist Supplies/Shooting Pool
Income: Money comes and goes
Turn-ons: Hustling a sucker, making money, J.T.S. Brown, Blondes, Beating Minnesota Fats, etc.
Turn-offs: Losing to Minnesota Fats, Burt Young's greed, Having my thumbs broken, etc.

About My Date

Hair: Blonde, short
Eyes: Piercing yet sad
Height: 5' 0" - 5' 5"
Body type: Slender & Petite
Smoke: If she wants
Drink: Yes. I'll buy her a drink if she gets me breakfast.
Have kids: No
Want kids: No
This is dedicated to Carlos, whom I met on He used "Faster Eddie Felson" as his screen name and channeled Eddie Felson on our first date.


  1. Great fun! I always enjoy these, & interesting that your beau's screen name was Eddie Felson!

  2. So clever! I'd love to see this with other characters. The possibilities are boundless!

  3. John - Carlos put his foot up on the seat and leaned on his knee just like Paul Newman did! That's why I posted that particular screenshot.

    Wendy - Well maybe you should send Eddie Felson a wink? :-)

    KC - You obviously haven't seen my one on Jeff Bailey from Out of the Past. It's my most popular post!

  4. This is marvelous. New favorite thing to read. :)

  5. That's so sweet on how you and Carlos met! I knew he was also into classic movies, but I didn't realise he was so cool as to pick a great screen name!

    I do love these singles ad posts. I really would like to see more of them (personally, I'd like to see one on Mark Lewis from Peeping Tom, although that might be a bit frightening!).

  6. These are my favorite posts! too funny.
    I wish I could find a Paul-alike! Lucky gal, you.

  7. hi there! i just found your blog and am loving it.

    this post is hilarious.
    btw, congrats on meeting carlos on

  8. Turnoffs.. having my thumbs broken etc....
    this is great stuff

  9. this is a great idea. And who wouldn't want to date any of Paul Newman's charactors? Except maybe Brick from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Not too sure about him and Skipper.


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