Friday, October 23, 2009

Classic Film Series

There are so many classic film series out there that I just thought I'd make a list of them. I love the Nancy Drew series and I have dabbled in The Falcon, The Thin Man, Charlie Chan and Philo Vance. I really want to try Andy Hardy, Blondie and Boston Blackie among others.

Which classic film series is your favorite and why? Which one do you want to watch but haven't gotten to yet?


Andy Hardy ~ 1937-1958. Various DVDs available. 16 movies.
Blondie ~ 1938-1950. Not available on DVD. 28 movies.
Bomba The Jungle Boy ~ 1949-1955. Not available on DVD. 11 movies.
Boston Blackie ~ 1941-1949. Not available on DVD. 14 movies.
The Bowery Boys ~ 1937-1958. Not available on DVD. 86 movies.
Bulldog Drummond ~ 1929-1951. Various DVDs available. 17 movies
Charlie Chan ~ 1929-1949. Various DVDs available. 41 movies.
Crime Doctor ~ 1943-1949. Not available on DVD. 10 movies.
Dr. Christian ~ 1939-1941. Not available on DVD. 6 movies.
Dr. Kildare ~ 1937-1947. Various DVDs available. 16 movies.
Ellery Queen ~ 1935-1942. Not available on DVD. 9 movies.
The Falcon ~ 1941-1949. Not available on DVD. 16 movies.
Francis (The Talking Mule) ~ 1949-1956. Various DVDs available. 7 movies.
Henry Aldrich ~ 1939-1944. Not available on DVD. 11 movies.
Hildegarde Withers ~ 1932-1937. Not available on DVD. 6 movies.
Jungle Jim ~ 1948-1955. Not available on DVD. 16 movies.
The Lone Wolf ~ 1935-1949. Not available on DVD. 15 movies.
Ma and Pa Kettle ~ 1949-1957. Available on DVD. 9 movies.
Maisie ~ 1939-1947. Not available on DVD. 10 movies.
Mexican Spitfire ~ 1939-1943. Not available on DVD. 8 movies.
Michael Shayne ~ 1940-1947. Not available on DVD. 12 movies.
Mr. Moto ~ 1937-1965. Available on DVD. 9 movies.
Mr. Wong ~ 1938-1941. Available on DVD. 6 movies.
Nancy Drew ~ 1938-1938. Available on DVD. 4 movies.
Nick Carter ~ 1939-1940. Not available on DVD. 3 movies.
Perry Mason ~ 1934-1937. Not available on DVD. 6 movies.
Philo Vance Mysteries ~ 1929-1947. Various available on DVD. 14 movies.
The Saint ~ 1938-1954. Not available on DVD. 9 movies.
Sherlock Holmes ~ 1939-1946. Various Available on DVD. 14 movies
Tarzan ~ 1918-1960. Various Available on DVD. 29 movies
Thin Man ~ 1934-1947. Available on DVD. 6 movies.
Torchy Blane ~ 1936-1939. Not available on DVD. 9 movies.
The Whistler ~ 1944-1948. Not available on DVD. 8 movies.


  1. Most of my favorite film series were cranked out at Columbia, because they just seemed to excel at them. My personal favorites: Charlie Chan, Crime Doctor, The Falcon, Henry Aldrich, Hildegarde Withers, The Lone Wolf, Mr. Moto, The Saint, Sherlock Holmes. Tarzan, The Thin Man and The Whistler. I'd also add the Bowery Boys and I Love a Mystery movies to your list.

  2. My favorite film series would include: Ma & Pa Kettle, The Thin Man, Tarzan movies, and The Bowry Boys.

    They are not really a film series, but I also loved the Tracy Hepburn movies

  3. Nick and Nora ... the rest come in second.

    Why? Oh, I like Nick's style. N & N are a perfectly handsome couple, they are terrific dressers, they love each other, are glib and anyone who is more or less drunk for an entire film AND still solves the case, is my kind of guy.

  4. I love The Thin Man series. It is simply the best classic movie series you can watch. Filled with humor, mystery, action, and loads of greeat characters. I think you would enjoy Andy Hardy too, Raquelle...I've seen a couple of them and they're quite good.

  5. I'm a sucker for all of the one's you mention (perhaps not to include Ma&Pa Kettle or Francis), but then again I like serials, which can fit in the same mold in a weird sort of way. I did BTW find all 11 Henry Aldrich (coming mother.)films on Ebay as a package deal a couple of years ago. A mixed bag but some really enjoyable moments. And I thank TCM for the Perry Mason's, The Falcon series, Crime Doctor, The Whistler (very interesting adaptation of the radio show), the Masie's, and so many others. Countless viewings of the Sherlock's over the years allow me to whistle any of the musical clues and cues - pretty sad. :-)

  6. Too difficult to decide! My favs are Thin Man, Charlie Chan, Nancy Drew, Lone Wolf, Saint, Sherlock Holmes - basically all the detective series.

    The comedies just don't do it for more. I can't stand the Andy Hardy's (sorry folks).

  7. I think you might like Boston Blackie--I think Eberle & I have watched them all & we think they're a hoot!

  8. I, too, recommend the Boston Blackie series (who doesn't love Allen Jenkins?); The Saint; Charlie Chan and The Lone Wolf. Warren William always has such a presence. He also did a very few Perry Mason films with, I think, Claire Dodd.

    If you like a dame with sass, try the Torchy Blaine series, lightly classified as mysteries. She's a reporter with a dumb cop boyfriend who is never able to feed her dinner. (A real bone of contention with her, too.) Also the Maisie movies with Ann Sothern are a real delight.

  9. My absolute favourite film series is The Thin Man. I just love the relationship between Nick and Nora, who clearly love each other but aren't beyond verbal sparring. One of the wittiest detective teams around. Of course, I also love Charlie Chan. I loved the way he took charge of situations and was always one step ahead of the bad guys and the police. I don't think for a minute he was a stereotype. I also love Sherlock Holmes. Basil Rathbone was born to play that role!

    As to which ones I'd like to see, I must confess I've seen at least one film in all of these series (back in the day, local TV stations would show a lot of series movies), although I would like to see more of The Lone Wolf.

  10. I really enjoy the various MGM series (Dr. Kildare, Maisie, Andy Hardy, among others) because they were a training ground for many of MGM's up-and-coming actors. It's fun to see "name" actors turn up as guests in the various films. Also, MGM had very high production quality even in their B movies.

    Best wishes,

  11. would the Eastwood/Leone "dollars" trilogy qualify? if so then that's easily my pick for greatest series of all time!

  12. just noticed this post now Raquelle!

    this is a favourite topic of mine--there are some real gems out there

    definitely recommend Andy Hardy (if you've seen any of the Mickey/Judy films, you'll have a good idea of the tone--a bizarre mixture of family values philosophy and proto-punk energy... Drew Barrymore's Whip It is in the Andy Hardy mold, I'd say...)

    agree with you especially on Nancy Drew--those are awesome (Granville is every bit as talented as Rooney--and it's cool when she shows up in the Hardy series later)

    of the others--I put in my top plea for the Perry Masons with Warren William... they are flat out insane , with the stars, supporting players and directors (slumming Michael Curtiz especially--whose Case of the Curious Bride is almost surreal) going for broke in a protected small scale environment


  13. Great list, Raquelle! Just a small note: 5 Michael shayne films have been release don Region 1 dvd. A single-disc edition of DRESSED TO KILL, and a MICHAEL SHAYNE MYSTERIES Vol. 1 set, with 4 additional films (plus extras).

  14. Andy Hardy was probably my first favorite....I started to watch the Thin Man series but never finished

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