Thursday, April 9, 2009

TCM's 15th Anniversary ~ Favorite Promos

I've been having fun playing around on Turner Classic Movies' 15th Anniversary celebratory website. You can flip through the timeline and see the promos they have used over the years. I thought it would be fun to list my favorite promos TCM has aired and I would love to hear which ones are your favorites too. My top favorite is the Sunny Side of Life promo which single-handedly introduced me to Edward Hopper's paintings and Chet Baker's music. Click on the picture of that promo for a special treat. Enjoy!

Sunny Side of Life
(I cried when they retired this!)

One Reel Wonders
(the original version)

Darkness After Dawn

Open All Night

Silent Sunday Nights

Private Screenings
(The ending credits)

This Week in Hollywood History

Happy 15th TCM!


  1. I love the Sunny Side of Life one, too. Chet Baker's voice is so smooth and lovely.

  2. Sunny Side of Life may be my favorite, too. It's sad, but I wouldn't count any of the current ones among my favorites. I don't like the strange computer animation.

    Me and my family still sing the old One Reel Wonders tune to drown out the new ORW when it's on tv!

  3. Myself, I always loved the "Private Eye" commercials with Bill Cosby, encouraging people to call their cable companies if they didn't have TCM! Anyway, I think I would count the Open All Night promo among my favs, as well as Sunny Side of Life. And I'm with Kate. I don't like the new promos too much.

  4. TCM addicts are a special breed, and thank you for pointing me in the direction of that website!

  5. Silent Sunday Nights! But I liked the Sunny Side of Life one as well.

  6. Yeah, I agree with what Mercurie & Kate have said. The new promos are not that great. I still lean towards the old promos that are still on like Silent Sunday Nights.

  7. I really like their late night promo. Almost all the clips are from Kubrick's Killer's Kiss!

  8. Sunny Side of Life gets my vote because of the animation and Chet, who I have been listening to for years and years.

    Darkness after Dawn was a Saturday morning must, got tons of noir, detective and crime sitting on my shelf courtesy of TCM Sat. Mornings. And the under music was properly menacing.

  9. Oh, I loved the Sunny Side of Life, too! Darkness after Dawn was my absolute favorite feature. I can't believe they don't have it anymore. I wish so much it would come back. Saturday mornings haven't been the same since. :(

    The other one I really liked was Open All Night based on the Nighthawks painting by Edward Hopper. I was always fascinated with the idea of his painting coming to life.

    I don't like the new ones, either. Kate is totally right - the computer animation is very strange. I've seen lots of computer animation done right, but there's something so bizarre about the style TCM chose to use.

  10. Hey Raquelle ! Thanks for this great post. I didn't know TCM's website. I love it ! I watched almost all the promos and I don't know which one I like the most, they are all very creative and communicate well our love for classic movies and cinema in general.

    Thanks again !

  11. I wish the links for all the promos worked! Who can fix this?

  12. Renwick - The only promo that has a link is the Sunnyside of Life one, and it works just fine.

    The other ones are just pictures. I wish I could have found the clips, but I couldn't.

  13. Thank you for your quick reply, and of course "Sunnyside" is a favorite of everyone, if not the favorite. And, actually, there is another link that plays the clip, "TCM Intro" works as well! I really want "Open All Night..." though!

    Thanks for your posts!

  14. Hi Renwick,

    I only have a link to the Sunnyside of Life. None of the other promos have links. I apologize but that is the only one I could find.

  15. I apologize, however, I did find another link that you can add, here:

    I hope you find it useful.

  16. Renwick - I already had that video clip linked.

  17. this is so adorable, really!!! I love promos too <3


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