Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Norma Shearer ~ The Athlete

Carrie over at Classic Montgomery just gave me an idea for a post! While most people envision Norma Shearer as a delicate glamour queen, they don't realize that she was somewhat of an athlete. She worked very hard to keep her figure slim and during her time at MGM, she had a personal trainer and was on a strict diet and exercise regimen. Norma got up at the crack of dawn to go out for long jogs and swims. For the film Marie Antoinette (1938), she trained with Agnes de Mille to learn the choreography for the dance sequences. She also played tennis, rode horses and did gymnastics. Later in life when she met and married her second husband, ski instructor Martin Arrouge, she took up skiing.

Here are a couple of pictures of Queen Norma Shearer in action. Enjoy!

Norma was no stranger to a nice bathing suit!

Norma trains with Agnes de Mille

Norma having some fun on the slopes

Norma leaps for the tennis ball.


  1. Brilliant! Doesn't the Tennis pic look wonderfully staged! :)
    She doesn't seem to keep her eyes on the ball at all. Mysterious!
    That's the best thing with Norma posing. It's not always logic but always intriguing and beautiful.

    Hey Brian! If I leap like this doesn't it make me look very much like a Tennis-gazelle?
    Yeah! Splendid Looking good Norma! Take a giant skip for mankind and Tennis!

  2. I had a picture of Norma ACTUALLY playing tennis and not just leaping but this one was much more fasinating. That's quite a leap too. I wonder if there is a trampoline underneath?

  3. Great pics! Wasn't Norma a diver when she was young?

  4. Yes Norma shearer did some diving. There is a great scene in Their Own Desire where she dives into an Art Deco pool. I wish I could have found an image of that!

  5. Great post. I have not seen Norma Shearer in many movies but I am always fascinated by her photos, especially from the 20's. She's so lovely!

  6. what a body , but more importantly what a face! Thanks


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