Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year's with the Marx Bros.

As I've said before, watching the Marx Bros. on New Year's has been an annual tradition that I thoroughly enjoy. Last year I invited my good friend Kevin to watch one of them with me on the big screen at the Brattle Theatre. Unfortunately, he got stuck in a snowstorm on his way back from Vermont and couldn't make it. No worries, because we made up for it with a 4:30pm viewing of Monkey Business (1931) on New Year's 2009! Kevin hadn't seen a Marx Bros. movie before and Monkey Business was new to me, so we were both in for a treat. And in the way only the Marx Bros. could do, hilarity ensued. We laughed as Groucho delivered his rapid-fire one-liners, as Harpo chased women and honked, as Chico misinterpreted and schemed and as Zeppo romanced. The audience seemed to enjoy Groucho and Harpo's antics and didn't necessarily appreciate Chico's famous misinterpretations. Maybe because they take a few seconds for the brain to process where as Groucho's jokes are instantly funny. However, it was very good to see so many people in the audience, many of whom bought all-day passes for the Marx Bros. marathon and had settled in for an afternoon of popcorn and laughs. It was really great to share the Marx Bros. with Kevin and I recommended he watch The Night at the Opera (1935) for even more laughs. And two hard-boiled eggs.


  1. Gee! I wish I was there. I have never seen a Marx movie on the big screen. As many others I prefer their five Paramount films (1929-33) as they are slightly more hilarious than any of the later. Opera and Races are great as well, but the rest are quite lame compared to the previous ones. That's the way I see it :)

  2. Jonas - Early Marx Bros. is by far the best. I completely agree.

    Ginger - Thanks!

  3. It's hard to decide which one of the Marx bros pics I like best.
    I think I'll go for Animal Crackers (1930). And as a bonus you get Lillian Roth! Double nice!

  4. "It's either foggy outside or make that eight more hardboiled eggs."

    Monkey Business is a lovely Marx Brothers-film, especially since even Zeppo has a kind of funny part in it.

  5. Great fun and a nice step up from all those singing and dancing numbers in The Cocoanuts. Listen closely to the dialogue or miss a zinger.


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