Wednesday, January 21, 2009

20 Actors Movie Meme

It was inevitable after the 20 Actresses Movie Meme circulated among the blog world that an Actor one would follow suit. And I was ready! The men were much easier to select from than the women. While it's terribly easy for me to dislike an actress (she looked at me funny), I have high respect for many actors. This list was easy to order as well, since I have formed very strong attachments to certain actors and I could guage what number to put them at based on the strength of my feelings. I also use the giggle-mometer. Whenever I see any of these fine gentlemen onscreen, I let out a giggle. The higher-pitched and more annoying the giggle, the more I like him. I guess you don't want to be around me when I see my King Robert Mitchum on screen do you?

Robert Mitchum

Bobby Darin

Rock Hudson

(Kevin - This image is dedicated to you!)

Clark Gable

Kirk Douglas

Jimmy Stewart

Cary Grant

Richard Barthelmess

Lewis Stone

Buster Keaton
Laurel & Hardy

(Thank you Frank for this wonderful image!)

The Marx Bros.

William Powell
(image from Google-LIFE Archive)

Robert Montgomery

Sidney Poitier

George Sanders

Louis Calhern

Charles Laughton

Sterling Hayden

~Honorable Mention: 5 more to round it out to top 25~

Jack Lemmon

Dennis Morgan

Spencer Tracy

Chester Morris

Ramon Novarro

Now it's my turn to tag some folks, seeing as I tagged myself for this one. And the unlucky SOBs are....

Ibetolis @ Film for the Soul

Ginger @ Asleep in New York

Jonas @ All Talking! All Singing! All Dancing!

Casey @ Noir Girl

Joanne @ Zippin' Along


  1. Raquelle,
    Thanks for the smack! I will immediately set sail!

    I think you need to explain the rules though, does Laurel & Hardy count as a unit? Does the Marx Bros count as 1, 3, 4 or 5 guys? :)

  2. Thanks for the tag! I'm going to love this! It's going to require a little thought to come up with my ultimate list. You won't be disappointed, though!

  3. Jonas - I'm considering teams like Laurel & Hardy and the Marx Bros. as a single unit. Because I can. There are no rules. Rules were meant to be broken. Ha ha ha! So get colorizing.

    Casey - I'm looking forward to your list.

  4. a great collection of pics.
    I never saw that one with laurel and Hardy and Buster keaton before.

  5. That's fun list -- I especially enjoyed the inclusion of Lewis Stone, someone I've really come to appreciate in the last year.

    I've added a link to your list as an update to a post I prepared late last month, if you'd enjoy taking a peek: 20 Favorite Actors.

    Best wishes,

  6. Thanks Roslyn - Isn't that image great?

    Laura - Oh I've seen your list before. In fact, when I saw it it put me in mind to start my own.

  7. BTW, Raquelle, when I watched a Dennis Morgan movie last night I thought of you. :)

    Best wishes,

  8. You know, I almost always forget about Louis Calhern -- and I have no idea why. I love watching him!

    I'm so bummed I never get tagged for these sorts of memes... The 30 things about me, sure; but never the movie ones. Should I pout or just play along anyway? :p

  9. Laura - Thanks for thinking of me! Which movie was it?

    Jaynie - I wasn't tagged for this one. I'm trying to be fair and rotate who I tag. I'll think of you next time. You should definitely participate in this. Gathering all the pictures is a pain, but in the end it's worth it!

  10. A lot of the actors on your list would also be on mine--Cary Grant, Rock Hudson, Jimmy Stewart, Kirk Douglas... Of course, I think I'd include John Wayne, Steve McQueen, and James Colburn, but that probably stems from being a big Sixties action movie fan!

  11. "Laura - Thanks for thinking of me! Which movie was it?"

    TWO GUYS FROM MILWAUKEE. Not one of his best, but cute -- Morgan is a European prince incognito in NYC (sort of a flip version of ROMAN HOLIDAY!). Fun stuff. :)

    Best wishes,

  12. It's so rare to see Richard Barthelmess on any list. So glad to see him :)

  13. Mercurie - Those are all good choices!

    Laura - Sounds good! Although I see it's not available on DVD. Poo. :-(

    Maiden - Thanks. I really think Barthelmess is severely under-appreciated. Most people on see him in Only Angels Have Wings.

  14. Lovely pictures, Raquelle. And some interesting choices.

    Also, thanks for tagging me.

    I've got my list half-way written. I think you and I are only gonna end up with two(!) in common.

    More compatible actress-wise, I guess. :)

    Speaking of which, that scene you've used to illustrate Robert Montgomery is one of my most favorite Norma Shearer moments ever! :)

    God, she's wonderful in that one...

  15. Ginger - That doesn't surprise me that we only have 2 actors in common. Most of the guys I like you don't and vice versa. That's okay. That just means we don't have to share.


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