Sunday, October 26, 2008

Out of the Past, Into the Now ~ A Mitchum Man

I just couldn't help myself. Going through the Sunday circular I found an advertisement and a coupon for Mitchum deodorant. Their ad campaign slogan tells their future customers that they are "Mitchum Men" which means they are macho, they are no-fuss and low-maintenance and they are tough! Just like Robert Mitchum! I have never heard of Mitchum deodorant, but turns out I'm one of very few who haven't. Mitchum deodorant has been around since 1959 and is part of the larger company, Revlon. I did some research thinking that maybe this product was originally endorsed by Robert Mitchum product. Or a family member or one of his kids may have started the line and used the name. But alas! It has no connection to the sad-eyed actor except for the ethereal one of Robert Mitchum being the quintessential man's man, the target group for the deodorant.

I went to Mitchum's website and after I had some fun with their armpit orchestra, I discovered they also have a line called "Mitchum for women". Now if I buy this deodorant and wear it, I fully expect to see Mitchum lookalikes falling at my feet. That's realistic right?


  1. Hi Raquelle,

    We can always experiment with Mitchum for Women to see if it will make that cute, young Robert Mitchum look-alike from my job fall for you. That would be cool if it works. My prize for playing match maker would be simply to live vicariously through you. haha.

  2. But if I create my Mitchum cloning device than we can all have our own Mitchums!

  3. About ten years ago, I was a loyal Mitchum deodorant customer until the stuff made my armpits itch to distraction! Too much information, I know, but man did I itch!

  4. Pacwarbuff - Oh no! That's horrible. Itchy armpits are no good.

    It's funny when I read your comment an image of Robert Mitchum dancing around scratching his armpits came into my head. Weird!

  5. You never heard of Mitchum deodorant?? ;)

    It's the one that used to claim you could wear it two days, without even having to shower! I used to think, How disgusting...who wouldn't take a shower just because their armpits still smell good? :)

    I wish someone would make a line of Dana Andrews scotch, or Gene Tierney about Bogart fedoras! ;)

    Let's make a whole store of make-believe Hollywood stuff...

    Speaking of which: Are you dressing up as anything classic-film related for Halloween? :)

  6. Ginger - Well I've obviously been oblivious to deodorant ads! Yeah, I'm all about my daily showers. I shiver to think of going a day without one. Euw!

    Yes! We need to create that store. Oh my goodness. That would be a great post. You should come up with a list of featured items for the store. I can contribute if you want.

    Oh no, I'm not dressing up as anything this year. Poo! It just wasn't in my budget. I do really really really want to dress up as Louise Brooks one day. Complete with Lulu wig. Maybe I'll slowly buy each item for the outfit so I can dress up next year. Who are you dressing up as?


  7. "Who are you dressing up as?"

    Louise Brooks! How strange is that?! :)

    Course now you've seen that post, but still...the fact that we both wanted to dress up as her is such a fun little coincidence!

    As you would say: reason number five hundred and six why you and I are friends...we both like dressing up as classic film stars. :)

  8. Ginger - A coincidence indeed! Great minds think alike.


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