Saturday, October 18, 2008

Holiday Affair (1949) out on DVD 11/11!!!

I'm so excited that Holiday Affair (1949) is going to be out on DVD! I saw this on TCM and immediately put it on my wishlist. This is the year I buy two of my favorite Christmas classics, the other being Christmas in Connecticut (1945).

But good grief! Take a look at the artwork for the DVD package!!!! Is that really the original poster for the film? Talk about misleading. Poor Janet Leigh, wrapped up in cellophane (which was invented in 1908 if you were checking) and tied up in a bow, blowing a kiss. Robert Mitchum and Wendell Corey are looking up at her, with expressions that make them seem both intrigued and perplexed. The little boy seems like an afterthought. And don't get me started on that stupid tagline.

Complete misrepresentation. She's NOT offering herself up to two men to fight over her. On the contrary, she finds herself in a love triangle but it still holding on to the memory of her deceased husband. She struggles with that loss but also wants a good father figure for her son. It's a sweet film, a bit melancholic but heart-warming. That poster just gives the wrong message. ARGH!!! Maybe I'll just print out the below picture and put that in the keepcase instead! At least its more honest and Mitchum is always easy on the eyes.


  1. Ha. He looks so silly. Like he's never even heard of Christmas...

    "Uh...why am I holding all these presents??...Will you hold 'em for me??"

    Lazy Robert Mitchum. ;)

    [Noticing your label for this post]

    My favorite sad eyes belong to Henry Fonda. I wish I could build a time machine, go back to the nineteen forties, find Henry, then kick him in the leg just to see him cry. ;)

  2. Naw. He looks sweet! In the movie, Janet Leigh plays a mystery shopper who inadvertently gets Robert Mitchum fired. He's got a soft spot for her and helps her with the rest of her shopping but at one point, he's carrying all her merchandise but he's still stuck on a bus. It's really cute to see Mitchum in a warm-hearted, lovey-dovey role. He still keeps his edge and his coolness, which is astounding.

    Men didn't cry much in movies in those days huh?


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