Saturday, August 23, 2008

In Defense of Ernest Borgnine

He's 91 years old! Leave him alone!

oh and buy his new book



  1. LOL! And living a long life IS the best revenge! All your contemporaries are gone, and now you can trash them. I just finished reading Maurice Zolotow's "Billy Wilder in Hollywood." A fun read.

  2. Ooh did he trash someone in the book? I've only just started it. I'm referring to those TMZ people who harassed poor Ernie because of his comments on that Morning show. About his secret to umm... longevity.

    Thanks for the book recommendation! I must check that out.

  3. Had no idea what 'Leave him alone!' reading your comment; People were making fun of him?? :(


  4. I know it's terrible. Poor guy.

    My post was sort of a Chris Crocker - In Defense of Britney Spears kind of thing. LEAVE ERNIE ALONE!


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