Monday, August 11, 2008

Blog Updates

Just a few random things about me and the blog that I'd like to update you on...

I just did a post on The Invention of Hugo Cabret and will do one soon of M (graphic novel) on The Golden Age of Hollywood networking site. If you are not a member yet, please join!

Out of the Past ~ A Classic Film Blog is now on the Facebook blog networks. If you are a Facebook member, please join my network as a reader. If I get 15 readers, my network will feed updates onto Facebook which would be AWESOME. There is a link to join on my sidebar. Feel free to become my friend too!

The team "Bumpy Knights with Fastened Seatbelts" won second place in the Brattle Theater's Movie Trivia Night on Thursday. Our team consisted of Captain Kevin, me, Bob, Vivienne, Jeremy and Raquel (yes, it was Raquel X 2). I stunk but was able to help out with a few key questions including the tie-breaker for second place which had us approximate the closest if not actual date of Humphrey Bogart's birth. Both Kevin and I knew it was 1899 and it sealed our place! Woohoo! Fingers crossed for more movie trivia nights in the future.

If anyone knows where I can find a gold art deco fan necklace, e-mail me please!


  1. Goodness...I haven't checked in over at The Golden Age of Hollywood for months(?) now! Not sure why... :(

    I sometimes forget all the places I actually LIKE to visit, while out crawling around on the internet, wishing I something fun to do.


    Classic Film related books...definitely interesting. I look forward to checking that out.

    I don't use Facebook. Should I? Is it better than Myspace?


    As for the trivia night, and Bogart's birthday: I would have jumped up shouting, "Christmas Day, 1899!"

    I even use '1225' as a password sometimes.


    Good luck with the necklace hunt. :)

  2. Ginger

    Facebook is in. MySpace is OUT. You need to join it ASAP.

    I was thinking March or April 1899 for some reason. I should have realized they wouldn't have asked unless the actual month and day were memorable!

    Thanks! If I find it I'll post a picture here.


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