Saturday, July 5, 2008

Guest Blogger Series

I have returned. I bring with me a sense of liberation, well-time for Independence Day. In a few months, I'll get my diploma in the mail and it will be official. I will have my Master's. Okay, I've done my boasting, now on to other things...

I decided that since Guest Blogger month didn't quite work out as I planned (I think the pressure of confining it to a month was too much pressure for potential guest bloggers, especially since I hounded them so), that I would turn it into a Guest Blogger series going on for the life of this blog. I've set some guidelines if you are interested in submitting. I'll try to post a link on the sidebar so you can refer to the Guest Blogger submission guidelines in future. All I ask is that you keep it original (no boring stuffy standard movie reviews) and that you keep it on the topic of classic films.

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