Saturday, July 5, 2008

Guest Blogger Series Guideliness

1) Submit an idea to me via e-mail.
2) Once approved submit a completed post via e-mail. Word .doc files or Works .wps files are fine. But you can also keep it in the body of the e-mail if you wish.
3) I encourage you to include photos but it's not necessary. If you do, attach them to your e-mail, make sure they are low on the Megabytes preferably jpegs. You can also tell how you want the pictures to be placed within the text.
4) Confirm how you want to be credited. Real first name, pseudonym, alias, website, etc.
5) I reserve the right to link to movies and actors/actresses listed in the post. My links are primarily to TCM's website. I also reserve the write to inject year references after movies.
6) I'll forward you a permanent link for your records.
7) Your piece will get an introduction plus 3-4 days as being the most current post on the site.


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