Sunday, March 9, 2008

60's Movie Night

I have been out of commission for a while. I caught whatever bug is going around (although I could have sworn I had some form of pneumonia).

I wanted to make sure I posted about the movie night I hosted 2 Saturdays ago. With a '60s theme, I showed Pillow Talk (1959) and Come September (1961) and some parts of If a Man Answers (1962). I tricked out my pad with designs, cooked and baked and even dressed up. I had themes galore.

Films - '60s Sex Comedies
Raquel's Perception of '60s Style - Dots and Stripes and weird shapes.
Homemade Take-Out - Because aren't people always ordering take-out or eating out in '60s films? The Apartment (1960), With Six You Get Eggroll (1968). In fact, I had 6 people over and we did have eggroll!
Chocolates and Cherries - Because it's sexy and fun. Just like the '60s!
'60s Clothes - I offered up to people the opportunity to dress up in '60s style, open to interpretation.

I put a lot more effort into this one than I did my last one, and I think it came out pretty well. Although some people did not participate in the pillow tossing portion! You know who you are!

(Spoiler alert!) The highlight of the evening was provided by my good friend Kevin. He pointed out something I had never noticed before. In Pillow Talk, when Doris Day's character Jan discovers that Rock Hudson's Rex is really the other annoying half of her party line, Brad Allen, she storms out of a cozy Connecticut cabin. Leaving Rock behind, with an armful of firewood. He was left with wood. Literally and metaphorically! I love it! I would have never noticed it unless he had pointed it out.

I'm a firm believer in the communal film watching experience. Good friends and good flicks. A perfect combination.

~ Kevin and Alicia dressed with '60s flare~


  1. lol, I just can't get into 60's movies, but after reading that firewood comment, I may reconsider


  2. Who knows Carrie. Maybe you'll learn to revel in the campiness of the decade!



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