Friday, March 7, 2008

Classic Film Bloggers: Some of my Favorites Part I

I like to think that 9 months into this blogging venture, that I am now part of the classic film blogger community. We all offer something different but we are the same in that we provide new and fresh perspectives on classic movies. In this way, we are keeping film history alive.

Here are some of my favorites classic film bloggers, what I like about them and what they have posted recently that is of particular interest to me. Enjoy!

Allure ~

What I like: A biographical sketch and beautiful vintage photographs on starlets from the 20s and 30s. Not only beautiful to look at, but its great to be introduced to lesser-known actresses and maybe get a good film recommendation while you are at it.

Recent post I enjoyed: A sketch and pictures of the tragic Peggy Shannon.

Classic Montgomery ~

What I like: Not only do I love the idea of being a "fangirl", but I also love this chic blog whose focus is primarily the great film actor, Robert Montgomery. Photos, articles, video clips, TCM schedules and general posts about related actors.

Recent post I enjoyed: Picture post of images from Montgomery's film The Big House (1930), which I have never heard of but now am dying to see.

Greenbriar Picture Shows ~

What I like: Lots of photos and film posters accompany an in-depth article which focuses on one particular film. Never boring, the language is jazzy and the content is genuinely interesting.

Recent post I enjoyed: Post on D.O.A. one of my favorite film noirs. Did you know that stomach abuse was popular is postwar noir? Right in the belly!

Relative Esoterica ~

What I like: The writing is absolutely supberb. I feel more intelligent just after reading one post. A mix of film as well as music, this blog is something I can really sink my teeth into.

Recent post I enjoyed: An exploration of dog stories in film and literature, with a focus on Jack London.

These are only a few of many. I'll post about my other favorites in another installment.


  1. Gee, I'm blushing. I'm glad you like "Allure". Its fun for me and hopefully for my visitors. Keep up the good work on your blog - I always enjoy reading it - especially this post :-).


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