Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Queen Norma Shearer: Boxed Set?

Why is it, that on this good, green earth there has yet to exist a boxed set of DVDs of Norma Shearer films? It seems shameful that there are legions of classic film fans out there that are not capable of owning their own small library of Norma Shearer DVDs. It is a damn shame. In fact, there are only 2 DVDs out there. The Women (1939), because of the ensemble cast and the familiarity with the broadway play, and Marie Antoinette (1938) as a tie-in to Sofia Coppola's version. That will keep broadway buffs and Norma-Shearer-as-Marie-Antoinette-fans happy (yes, there is a whole underground society of such people) but what about those folks, like me, who like her broad range of silents and talkies?

So Warner Home Video and TCM, listen up! We the people who love Norma Shearer films demand a DVD boxed set of her movies! Or at least a larger selection of DVDs in print! Here are some suggestions of what I think would make for excellent boxed sets.

Norma Shearer: The Silent Years

The Snob (1924)

Norma Shearer: Queen of MGM
The Women (1939)

Norma Shearer: Drama

Escape (1940)


  1. I share your enthusiasm for the singular artistry of Norma Shearer and add my voice to yours in requesting greater DVD representation of her extraordinary film work.

    I think both Riptide and the magnificent Strangers May Kiss would fit beautifully in either an all-Shearer or a "various artists" Pre-Code set.

    Let's hope our entreaties are not in vain!

  2. I agree that Riptide and Strangers May Kiss are great movies. She and Robert Montgomery were a great duo.

    I think that it would be possible to create a Norma Shearer - Robert Montgomery set and include those two plus Private Lives, The Divorcee and Their Own Desire. I would buy that!!!

  3. Amen! My friend and I were just saying the same exact thing. The UK recently put out an amazing boxset of Stanwyck and I'd love to see one for Shearer. She is my all time favorite an I try to educate people on her greatness all of the time. She was the Queen of MGM, why doesn't the film industry remember that!

    I agree on your boxset recommendations, although I might also suggest Lady of Chance and The Trial of Mary Dugan.

  4. Thanks for your commen Shearer1931.

    I have to say, while I do love Lady of Chance, I don't think for those not familiar with Norma Shearer, that's it's a good choice for a boxed set. It's not a talkie, but it's not a silent. I haven't heard the section of talking. If it's lost forever, then it would be a silent. I think it should be a stand-alone DVD.

    I haven't seen The Trial of Mary Dugan. Have you?! That's her first talkie right? I would love to see that.


  5. Raquelle... yes, I agree Lady Of Chance should be its own DVD, but of course I'd love to see all of Shearer's films on DVD. Or just see them period. I have not seen the Trial of Mary Dugan but have always wanted to. I keep hoping that TCM will unlock the vault to that soon. I know it still exists and they've uncovered Lady of Chance and Lady of the Night in the last few years, so one can hope.

  6. at least we're getting Romeo & Juliet in August--but I agree, a boxed set (or several!) is absolutely necessary!


  7. Word. There is never enough Norma. Since I've been actively seeking her out on TCM in the last two years I've seen

    The Women
    Romeo and Juliet
    Let Us Be Gay
    The Divorcee
    A Free Soul
    Smilin' Through

    When you think about it, that's not very many movies!

  8. Oops add Barretts of Wimpole Street to that list.


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