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2022 TCM Classic Film Festival: My Picks


The 2022 TCM Classic Film Festival kicks off in Hollywood in just a few days. I'm thrilled to be going back in person; it'll be my first time back since 2018. After a couple of years of virtual festivals it's exciting to be able to see friends and attend special events in real life. 

I'll be on site covering the opening night red carpet of the 40th anniversary of E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial (1982), the Lily Tomlin Hand and Footprint Ceremony happening at the TCL Chinese Theater (formerly the Grauman's) and various screenings and events granted I'm able to pass health protocols.

Due to some health issues I won't be sharing my selections or my schedule in advance because I have to be super flexible and be able to change plans at the last moment. However, I will try my best to cover as much as I can on this site as well as my social media (Twitter @RaquelStecher and Instagram @QuelleMovies). 

In the meantime, here are what I think are some highlights from the announced 2022 TCM Classic Film Festival schedule: 


E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial (1982) 40th Anniversary E.T. was the first movie I ever saw in a theater and is truly one of the best films ever made. I don't have access to the event but I'm thrilled to cover the red carpet beforehand. Special guests for the premiere include director Steven Spielberg, producer Kathleen Kennedy and stars Drew Barrymore, Henry Thomas, Robert Macnaughton and Dee Wallace and headlining the event is TCM's Ben Mankiewicz.

The Slender Thread (1965) — If you can't make the opening night movie, make sure you catch this excellent drama. I saw it for the first time a while back and it quickly became one of my favorites. It doesn't hurt that it stars three of my favorite actors: Sidney Poitier, Anne Bancroft and Telly Savalas. The screening includes a discussion with film critic Sergio Mims and Bancroft's son, actor Max Brooks.

Jewel Robbery (1932) — Pre-Code films are always a highlight of the TCM Classic Film Festival and in highest demand. This funny Pre-Code starring Kay Francis and William Powell will be presented by historian Cari Beauchamp.


A Little Song, A Little Dance (2022) — This special presentation hosted head of archives at Paramount Andrea Kalas, will screen rarely scene musical numbers from Paramount films. The Vitaphone shorts presentation hosted by Ron Hutchinson (RIP) some years back was a highlight of the fest and I'm excited about to see some rare gems.

Giant (1956) Restoration —George Stevens' family epic Giant has gone a 4k HDR and audio restoration by Warner Bros. in partnership with the Film Foundation. To see this at the TCL Chinese IMAX theatre on that gigantic screen will be nothing short of amazing. The event is hosted by Ben Mankiewicz and features special guests Steven Spielberg, George Stevens Jr. and Margaret Bodde.

Soylent Green (1973) — How fitting that on Earth Day TCMFF will be playing the environmental thriller Soylent Green. The film will be screened poolside at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and actress Leigh Taylor-Young will be on hand to talk about her experience making this science fiction classic.

A Conversation with Bruce Dern —These hour long conversations are always a highlight of the fest. They usually hold two or three of them and it's great if you want to hear more from a star than just their 15 minute interview at a film screening. I can't pass up this opportunity to see Bruce Dern in conversation with TCM host Ben Mankiewicz.

Cooley High (1975) — There are several notable reunions happening at TCMFF including E.T., Diner (1982) and A League of Their Own. But the one I'm most excited about is Cooley High, a wonderful coming-of-age story set in late 1960s Chicago. Director Michael Schultz and actors Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, Garrett Morris, Glynn Turman, Steven Williams and Cynthia Davis will all be on hand for the screening which will be hosted by Jacqueline Stewart.


Annie (1982) — TCM host Alicia Malone will be interviewing Aileen Quinn, the star of the classic movie musical Annie (1982). This special 40th anniversary screening will be held at the TCM Chinese IMAX theater and I'd be surprised if the audience didn't burst out in song. Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

The Flame and the Arrow (1950) — You had me at Gordon Gebert! The former child actor (star of one of my top favorite movies Holiday Affair) will be on hand at the Hollywood Legion Theater to discuss this swashbuckling drama. It will include a discussion with Oscar winning sound design and visual effects duo Ben Burtt and Craig Barron.

Three on a Match (1932) — I'd be shocked if this Pre-Code screening isn't sold out. Three on a Match is one of my favorite Pre-Codes (one of the spiciest of the bunch) and to see it for its 90th anniversary would be a treat. I'm not sure if I can make it to this one but a gal can dream.

Drunken Master II (1994) — TCM host Jacqueline Stewart will be presenting the Jackie Chan action film Drunken Master II. It was released in the US as The Legend of Drunken Master in the US and featured bad dubbing and poorly worded translations. The original, uncut Hong Kong version will be shown at TCMFF.

The French Way (1945) — I love Josephine Baker and haven't seen this film of hers. It was shot in occupied France during WWII and the war serves as an important backdrop to this comedy film. TCMFF will be showing Jeff Joseph's restoration of the film for SabuCat Productions.


7th Heaven (1927) — There aren't many silent film screenings at TCMFF but they do make sure to spotlight a great film from the era and present it with live musical accompaniment. This Frank Borzage film starring Charles Farrell and Janet Gaynor will have an introduction by Eddie Muller and music by the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra.

Live Read: I Married a Monster From Outerspace (1958) — TCMFF has hosted a handful of live reads and unfortunately I've never attended any. But I'd really love to see because they sound like a ton of fun. Performing the dialogue for this science fiction B-movie are comedians Charlene Deguzman, Dana Gould, David Koechner, Laraine Newman, Jonah Ray, Janet Varney and Baron Vaughn and music and sound effects performed by Eban Schletter.

Waterloo Bridge (1940) — One of my favorite authors, Sloan De Forest, will be presenting this film so this is an absolute can't-miss. I've only ever seen the 1931 version of Waterloo Bridge so this will be a first time viewing for me.

A Conversation with Piper Laurie — As I mentioned before, these one-hour long chats at Club TCM are a real highlight. I'm thrilled that Piper Laurie will be at the festival. She'll be at screenings of The Hustler (1961) and Has Anybody Seen My Gal (1952) and I hope I can catch this conversation she'll be having with TCM host Dave Karger.

Coffy (1973) — What a way to close out the festival! The last screening of TCMFF will be the blaxploitation classic Coffy and star Pam Grier will be on hand to talk about the film. Epic!


This year's festival has more book signing events than ever before! This is a great line-up and book sales are handled by Larry Edmunds Bookshop (a great way to support an amazing indie bookshop!). Larry Edmunds will also be hosting some Sunday morning book events so make sure you visit their site for details.

Doris Day Animal Foundation's Jim Pierson and Lea Price— Doris Day: Images of a Hollywood Icon: Photographs from Her Private Collection
Barbara Hall & Rocky Lang — Letters from Hollywood: Inside the Private World of Classic American Moviemaking
John Malahy — Summer Movies: 30 Sun-Drenched Classics
Alicia Malone — Girls on Film: Lessons from a Life of Watching Women in Movies
Leonard Maltin — Starstruck: My Unlikely Road to Hollywood
Scott McGee — Danger on the Silver Screen: 50 Films Celebrating Cinema's Greatest Stunts
Eddie Muller — Dark City: The Lost World of Film Noir
George Stevens Jr. — My Place in the Sun: Life in the Golden Age of Hollywood and Washington
Carla Valderrama — This Was Hollywood: Forgotten Stars & Stories

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