Thursday, May 23, 2019

2019 Summer Reading Challenge

I'm proud to announce this year's summer reading challenge (or winter for our friends who reside in the southern hemisphere)! It's time to dust off those classic film books you've been collecting and to start reading them! I challenge you to read and review up to 6 classic film books this summer.

I've included some of the details below. However, you'll need to visit the official Summer Reading page for all of the information you need, including the book criteria, rules and regulations, the official review link form, embeddable buttons, and more.

Happy reading!

2019 Summer Reading Classic Film Book Challenge

  • Sign up for the challenge (see form below)
  • Read a classic film book (check out the official page to see what qualifies)
  • Post a review on your Blog, Instagram, YouTube channel, podcast, or Goodreads profile.
  • Use hashtag #classicfilmreading when sharing on social
  • Submit your review link (see form on the official page)
  • Repeat until you have read and reviewed 6 books!
  • Review 6 and be automatically entered to win a prize.

You don't have to read all 6 books to participate. It can be 1 or 2 or more. However, if you do read and review 6 books before the deadline you have a chance to win a single disc Warner Archive Collection DVD of your choosing. Number of winners depends on how many people have completed the challenge and what I can afford (I buy these with my own money and am not sponsored by WAC).

The challenge officially starts today May 23rd and ends September 15th, 2019.

Happy reading!

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