Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Ask Us Anything About Movies

I so enjoyed doing the Ask Me Anything: Classic Movies Edition that I decided it would be fun to do a couples version with my movie-loving husband Carlos! I solicited questions from Twitter and Instagram and we got some great responses. Some thought-provoking prompts and some fun questions too. A big thank you to everyone who participated.

Here are the questions that were asked (edited for clarity):

  • What were the first movies you watched so many times that you could recite all the lines? What films would you consider “your movies” as a couple - mutual favorites, films that evoke memories in your relationship, remind you of each other ... ?
  • What's one film you wish your spouse didn't like?
  • What's one film you wish you could watch again for the very first time?
  • What are your fave romantic comedies?
  • What's the first movie you watched as a stay at home date together?
  • Can you each choose one film from each decade 1940-1990 that holds a special place in your heart?
  • What's your favorite Pre-Code?
  • What's your favorite noir?
  • Who is your favorite on-screen couple?
  • As a couple, is there a movie pair that you aspire to emulate?
  • What movie makes you cry the most (or makes you the saddest, if you aren't a crier)?
  • Most disappointing film you waited years to see?
  • Name a character who reminds you of your spouse - either in traits, looks, quirks?!
  • Thoughts regarding Classic Films on Blu-ry and how titles in that format compare in quality to their DVD releases.  Is there any significant reason to choose one over the other when purchasing a film produced decades ago??
  • How would you cast a new remake of Maltese Falcon? Also would you set it today or back in the 30s or 40s?
  • Last movie you two watched together? Worst classic film aimed at a female audience?
  • Among the films that you introduced to each other, what is a movie that Carlos was reluctant to watch but ended up loving, and a movie you were reluctant to watch but ended up loving?
  • Which films you introduced to each other and thinking the other would?
  • What film do you (or Carlos) pull out that makes the other groan because you (or Carlos) just can’t stand to watch it one more time.
  • What film(s) do you guys like to watch when you’re feeling down and need a pick-me-up?
  • What is a classic film that you both would love to see remade now?
  • Do you insert tag lines or favorite quotes into your daily conversations?

Enjoy the video! And if you'd like to watch more of my videos, please make sure to visit my YouTube channel and subscribe.

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