Friday, January 27, 2017

New & Upcoming Classic Film Books (8)

There's nothing like cozying up to a fire with a hot drink and a good book. Stock up for winter with some reading material. Need some suggestions? I’ve got you covered with a brand new list of upcoming classic film books. Publication dates range from January to April 2017.

Are you new to my list? Here are the details. Links lead to Goodreads. Books include biographies, memoirs, scholary texts, coffee table books and more from a variety of publishers. All publication dates are subject to change. Clicking through the buy links for shopping helps support this site. Thank you!

by Gianni Bozzachi and Joey Tayler
The University Press of Kentucky
328 pages – December 2016

by Lawrence Napper
Wallflower Press
144 pages – January 2017

by Tim Newark
Osprey Publishing
208 pages – January 2017

by Lucy Holliday
416 page – January 2017

by Fabio Stassi
Portobello Books
240 pages – February 2017

by Stephen X. Sylvester, Mary Mallory and Donovan Brandt
Globe Pequot Press
272 pages – February 2017

by Sabina Stent
The Critical Press
150 pages - February 2017

by Noah Isenberg
W.W. Norton
336 pages – February 2017

by Marc Eliot
Dey Street Books
576 pages – March 2017

by Lucy Fischer
Columbia University Press
288 pages – March 2017

edited by Alain Silver & James Ursini
Applause Theatre & Cinema Books
352 pages – March 2017

by Gabrielle Oldham, Mabel Langdon and Harry Langdon Jr.
University Press of Kentucky
366 pages – March 2017

by Delia Caproso Konzett
Rutgers University Press
264 pages – March 2017

by Sid Luft with Randy L. Schmidt
Chicago Review Press
480 pages – March 2017

by Michael Westmore and Jake Page
Lyons Press
320 pages – March 2017

by Elizabeth Winder
Flatiron Books
304 pages – March 2017

by Andrew Hansford, Karen Homer
Carlton Books
192 pages – April 2017

by Jon Lewis
University of California Press
248 pages – April 2017

by Cynthia Brideson & Sara Brideson
University Press of Kentucky
560 pages – April 2017

by Jose-Luis Bocquet and illustrated by Catel Muller
Self Made Hero
496 pages – April 2017

by Dave Thomspon
Applause Theatre & Cinema Books
400 pages – April 2017

by Angela Cartwright and Tom McLaren
with a foreword by Maureen O’Hara
Insight Editions
304 pages – April 2017

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