Thursday, October 8, 2015


During the month of September I did a series on Twitter called 30 in 30 Favorite Stars. Each day I shared a photo of one of my favorite stars and used the hashtag #30in30FavoriteStars so folks could follow along. I encouraged other classic film fans to participate and it got a great response! I had so much fun with it that I'm contemplating doing more with different themes. Are you on Twitter? Follow me on my movie/personal account @QuelleLove and my general account for film bloggers @ClassicFilmRead. Below is a snapshot of the Twitter series as well as the full list with photos of the 30 stars I chose for my own list. Enjoy!

Robert Mitchum

Susan Peters

Eli Wallach

Eve Arden

Edward G. Robinson

James Garner

Joan Blondell

Jack Klugman

Ginger Rogers

George Sanders

Akim Tamiroff

Bette Davis

Doris Day

Cesar Romero


Ann Blyth

Marsha Hunt

Louis Calhern

Lewis Stone

Kirk Douglas

S.Z. Sakall

Ruby Keeler

Norman Lloyd

Norma Shearer

Sandra Dee

Sidney Poitier

Sterling Hayden
Bonita Granville

William Powell
This one was my most popular! TCM re-tweeted the image which didn't hurt.

Thelma Todd

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