Sunday, January 20, 2013

Catching Up with Quelle (13)

Happy Sunday! How are all of you? I am finally getting around to another edition of Catching Up with Quelle.

TCM Classic Film Festival - It looks almost certain that Carlos and I will be attending the TCM Classic Film Festival in April. We have our tickets and our hotel booked. All we need is to buy plane tickets. There is still a chance we won't be able to go but it looks more certain that we will than it did before. I am excited to go, to see Hollywood, to meet a lot of classic film fans and of course to watch some great movies!

New Robert Mitchum iPhone Case - Remember the Robert Mitchum iPhone case I had custom made in September? Well it broke. I have a tendency to drop my iPhone a lot. So I got a new one and am determined to not abuse my iPhone as much so I can keep this case a lot longer. Otherwise this will be an expensive new hobby of mine!

I like this iPhone case better than the last one. It's a great colorful of image of Robert Mitchum's 1953 visit to Hawaii. If you want to create your own custom iPhone case, I recommend using CafePress. You can get one made for $25 but I suggest you wait for a sale or a good coupon code. I ended up getting a few dollars knocked off the price with a custom iPhone case sale.

Sidney Poitier's letter to President Roosevelt - I love the blog Letters of Note which shares real letters from notable figures. They include a scan of the real letter along with the text typed out for those who may not be able to read the handwriting. I have read some of the most fascinating and endearing letters on that blog. Recently they posted a letter from a young Sidney Poitier to President Roosevelt. Poitier wrote the letter before he became a famous actor and when he was poor living in the U.S. and hoping to get a loan from President Roosevelt so he could go back to his family in Nissau. It's a very intriguing letter given the time period and also how Poitier became such a successful actor in the U.S. afterwards. You can find it here:

Classic Film Books on Goodreads - Do you love books on classic films as much as I do? Please come join me on Goodreads and add to my Classic Film Books list and vote for your favorites. I'm thinking of starting a book club but am not sure if there is enough interest. So I thought I'd start off with a list to see how it goes:


  1. Oh have fun at the TCM Film Festival, that's really exciting! And I love that goodreads list, I'm currently reading "Off With Their Heads", Frances Marion's memoir, which I would recommend to add but unfortunately it's out of print so it'd be kind of unfair to suggest it.

  2. Thanks for the goodreads list, I'll go check that out right now!

  3. Great looking iPhone case! I love the color. Have fun at the TCM fest. I may try to catch a screening here and there via the standby lines again. I can't wait to see the complete schedule.

  4. Oh, I hope you have fun at the TCMFF!
    The new case looks very "summerish", ideal for holidays.
    What a lovely letter form Sidney! Aw!
    Many books in your list, specially biographies and autobiagraphies, immenselly drew my attention. I own Rebecca in English, but still hven't read, neither watched the movie. Until the end of January I'll publish a critic of a movie-related book that I don't really recommend...


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