Friday, February 17, 2012

My Classic Film Bookshelves

In our cramped condo, I have two bookcases filled with books. Two shelves in particular are devoted to classic film books and they are already filled to capacity. If I could have the entire bookcase filled with classic film books I would be happy. But alas, cookbooks, novels, reference guides and books from my college years beg for space too. Looking at these two particular shelves of my bookcase makes me very happy. I smile thinking of of the particular books I've read and the ones that I get to read soon.

What does your classic film bookshelf/bookshelves look like? Share a picture! Post it on your blog, tell me about it and I'll add a link to this post (and tweet it too).

Edit - Here are some that were shared:

Here is the list of the books, from left to right and from top shelf to bottom shelf. I've also included links to my reviews (and marked them with a *) or to B&N if I haven't reviewed them yet.

First Shelf
Second Shelf
A few things I noticed about my bookshelves after listing these books: 1) I don't have a lot of books about classic film actresses, 2) Several titles had very long subtitles and in some cases more than one subtitle, 3) I have 3 books about the Marx Bros! 4) I can remember the story of how I came to adopt/acquire each and every one of these books 5) I don't alphabetize any more and 6) I have a lot more reviewing to do!


  1. Very nice! Always enjoy perusing other people's bookshelves. :) Thanks for the peek!

    Best wishes,

  2. ok Quelle, fess up, you recently purchased a Warren William Mind Reading Turban didnt you! i have been thinking about doing a post like this for a while now lol! that's a great collection of books, the only one i have is the klugman book, but in particular i am eyeing that Warren William book!!! i need that book in a big way but man it is not cheap :(

    anyway i really enjoyed seeing your book collection and i also know that in a year or 2 it will probably be at least double that size!

    and thanks for the motivation, i'll try to do my post this weekend :D

  3. I swear, you MUST have a Warren William Mind Reading Turban...I too photographed my EMPTY bookshelf Thursday, before scrubbing it...I plan on unpacking my books, and after stocking it, was gonna re-photograph it for a before-and-after post for my blog!

    Weird, weird.

    And interesting!

    Thanks for sharing your collection, Raquelle. :)

    The only book we have in common is Cagney by Cagney.

  4. Oh, I just have 4 classic film books: one with pictures of a Brazilian reporter in Hollywood, one about silent movies, "Suspects", by David Thomson and "1001 movies you should see before you die", 2008 edition. And I'll also have the book written by me! It's still printing...
    Greetings, Le

  5. Oh my.. of all those I only own




    CAGNEY.. :")

    That was very, very interesting!

    Have a great Sunday, Raquelle!

  6. i just did a post on my film book library Quelle, thanks for the motivation! :D

  7. Laura - Thank you!

    Paulie - Ha ha! I think I might have been inspired by those pictures of your collection? You have every inch of space decorated with awesomeness! The Warren William book is so worth it! Get it. There will never be another book like it.

    Thanks for participating and I'll check out your post and link to it here. And what's with the Mind Reading Turban? I don't get it. (Reference I'm missing?)

    Ginger - I took a picture of my shelves then I realized, who wants to see my dusty shelves. So I cleaned it and retook pictures. Are you going to do that post? I'll share the linky love and post it here! I really want to see which books you have in your collection.

    Le - What's the book you are writing?

    Irene - Thanks for sharing our books in common! What other books do you have?

  8. haha heres a link Quelle, this will get you up to speed ;)

    glad you enjoyed my post and thanks for the 'linky love' as you call it :)

  9. Like Artman, I've been wanting to do a post like this forever! You may have finally inspired me to do it. Thanks for sharing your collection.

  10. Paulie - Thanks!

    KC - Oh that's great! I can't wait to see what books are in your collection. I know you are well-read so I'm sure that you have plenty of good ones.

  11. Yay for books!

    This was so much fun, Raquelle. Thank you for sharing your bookshelf with us!

  12. This is what I really like about blogs, I randomly choose some blogs and read whether I am into the subject or not, I like the feeling of reading something different. This is like experiencing something different.

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  14. hi there! very late to this party (story of my life!) but I just got my stuff together to capture and post much more of my book collection, if you wanna looksee, please come on-a-my-house, my house!
    :) have a beverage and browse away!
    best & cheers!


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