Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I have a lot of reading to do

Reviews (and giveaways!) to come. Slowly...

On the list

Steve McQueen: A Biography

Cliff of Immortal Ephemera and Things and Other Stuff recently got the Spencer Tracy book. Below is the video he recently did showing the contents of the book. No batteries required!


  1. I really want to read Charlie Chan: The Untold Story of the Honorable Detective and His Rendezvous with American History. I love the movies and will pretty much devour anything about Mr. Chan.

  2. A very impressive stack. Enjoy!!

    Best wishes,

  3. I'd love to hear what you think about the Spencer Tracy biography!

  4. Whoa! You weren't kidding! The Spencer Tracy book is huge!

  5. Thanks for spreading my mug around, Raquelle, I appreciate it!

    Though looking at my background I feel like you let the junk man invade your pretty blog (Sanford and Son theme now in my head).

  6. Mercurie/Terry - I really can't wait for that one but unfortunately it'll have to be the last of my reads. Maybe I'll have watched more Charlie Chan movies by then!

    Laura - Thanks!

    Martin - I can't wait to read that one. It's so long I'll be living with it for a while.

    Irene - Thanks!

    Kittenbiscuits - I know! It's a deadly weapon.

    Cliff - You're welcome. Thanks so much for the shout out. My pretty blog is enhanced by the video!

  7. you know, as big a fan of mcqueen i've been most of my life i;ve never read a bio on him! i look forward to your review on that one!


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