Monday, February 28, 2011

God Speed Jane Russell

Jane Russell

Jane Russell was a full-figured woman with flare and attitude. She spoke her mind and wasn't afraid of what people thought of her. I think her impervious personality, her thoughtfulness as well as her down-to-earth nature was what Robert Mitchum, her best friend for many years, admired so much about her. In fact, she was the only non-family member who attended the spreading of Mitchum's ashes.

In the book Baby I Don't Care: Robert Mitchum, Lee Server says the following about Russell's early friendship with Mitchum.
Bob and Jane got along like old buddies... She would rave about his astounding command of the English language - even as he would tell her she was the most inarticulate girl he knew. He would tease her about her God-fearing ways, but he understood she was no Loretta Young, wallowing in piety. He loved to tell the one about the pestering report who couldn't believe a girl with her 'image' read the Bible and went to church each Sunday. 'Hey buddy,' she told him, 'Christians have big breasts, too.' She was good-natured, generous, strong-minded when she had to be, a stand-up guy. Mitchum nickname her 'Hard John.' They became fast friends. 

If you haven't seen the Private Screenings episode with Robert Mitchum and Jane Russell being interviewed by Robert Osborne, I highly suggest you watch it. You learn a lot about both of the actors as well as their dealings with Howard Hughes and their days at RKO. I hope TCM will show it soon with Jane Russell's recent passing.

God Speed Jane Russell. Hope you'll continue to be fabulous wherever you are.

Here is the trailer to my favorite Jane Russell film, His Kind of Woman (1951).


  1. Oh wow, this is the first I heard of this. I just saw Ms. Russell not too long ago at an event, and although she was up there in age, with someone like her, I thought she would just keep on going. RIP Jane!

  2. Great post...I posted about her today too! So sad. Kori xoxo

  3. So sad. RIP Ms. Russell.
    I love her and her films!
    She was so talented! She was born in Minnesota, where I am from too. I read her autobiography, if you get a chance, read it, it's very good.

  4. Heard about this earlier today. I actually included her in a post just a few days ago, which contained some mp3 clips of interviews I have done over the years. I spoke with her a few years ago, by phone, when she was in London. She had just taken a trip on the QE2. It was one of the first interviews I ever did - she was very charming, but terribly deaf and I found myself screaming down the phone at Jane Russell! My short clip is about her recounting the only time she ever met Humphrey Bogart.

  5. I am truly sad today. To me Jane Russell was one of the great comic actresses of the 20th Century. She was well known for her figure, but I think it was the fact that she was a lady with brains that made her a star. Jane proved an intelligent brunette can be far sexier than a dumb blonde any time. It's easy to see why she and Robert were such good friends--I think they both had a lot in common! Sex symbols who could think. :-)

  6. Marvelous tribute post. Jane Russell was a true talent and beauty. RIP.

  7. I loved how outspoken Jane was--she stole every scene she was in! I posted a tribute to her, too. Godspeed!

  8. A great lady who will be missed. Loved the account of the relationship between her and Robert Mitchum.

  9. It sounds like a truly wonderful friendship & one that I wasn't aware of. Thanks for posting the story--really enjoyed reading it!

  10. nice post friend.. keep posting..


  11. I laughed out loud about her comment to the reporter that Christians can have big breasts! What a great dame!

    I always remember the musical scene she did in (now I'm blanking -- was it Gentlemen Prefer Blondes?) where she sings "Isn't Anyone Here for Love" in the midst of a bunch of bodybuilders completely ignoring her. It's a hoot!

    Nice tribute to a fun lady!

  12. "Gentlemen prefer blondes, but always choose to marry brunettes as Jane Russell..."; I always remember her beside the most wonderful cinema history blonde: Marilyn Monroe. A pleasure to discover this blog: fantastic!.

  13. lovely post,just discovered your blog!

  14. Oh, I loved your blog.
    I love Jane Russel and her films. We just lost a great actress. ♥


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