Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Year In Review


I advise classic film fans how to make the most of their non-TCM resources. I watched Chinatown (1974) on the big screen and lived to talk about it. And I waged a full-on war against the Pakistani blog thief who dared to steal my content. He messed with the wrong person.


Jean Simmons passed away and Jonas of All Talking! All Singing! All Dancing! gave birth. I ask folks if Classic Films make us Anti-Social and I get a lot of great responses. We watched Born to Kill (1947) at my friend Kevin's fabulously decorated condo. I posted some great screen caps from the Art Deco/Pre-Code film, The Big House (1930).


I review a strange mix of films including America (1924), Les Girls (1957) and The Glass Wall (1953). I also talk about my reaction to violence on screen such as that in Strangers on a Train and Brubaker (1980). And I wish my Fast Eddie Felson (Carlos) boyfriend a happy birthday.


I reposted my Silents and Talkies guest post on Norma Shearer on my blog. I fall in love with Tony Rome (1967) and go crazy for all the details. I start a crazy series entitled "It's a Veritable Robert Mitchum Explosion" followed by numerous crazy posts. I basically go crazy this month. The above picture is also posted by Roger Ebert on Twitter which increases traffic to my blog. Thanks Ebert! This blog became available for viewing on Kindle this month as well.


Robert Mitchum craziness continues with more posts including one explaining that crazy picture from April. I start the Heck Yeah Robert Mitchum Tumblr and Mitchum's oldest son writes to me. Out of the Past gets nominated for Best Classic Film Blog in the LAMMYs. I review the TCM iPhone app as well as the new Doctor Zhivago (1965) DVD.


I got to see the most complete version of Metropolis (1927) on the big screen at the Coolidge Corner Theater as well as Vertigo (1958) at the Capitol Theater. Charlie Chan gives us a lesson in classic film distribution.


I review the worst boxed set known to man. My big screen adventures continue with The Lusty Men (1952) at the Harvard Film Archive and the 50th Anniversary restoration of Breathless (1960) shown at the Kendall Square Cinema.


I have a cocktail named after The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse (1938) at Noir Bar in Cambridge, MA. Patricia Neal passes away. TCM devotes a whole day to Norma Shearer during their Summer Under the Stars series.


I discover a young Ella Fitzgerald through a picture book and the Abbott and Costello flick Ride Em Cowboy (1942). I cry (A LOT) through Make Way for Tomorrow (1937) and a lot of people sympathize. Tony Curtis passes away.


I made a dinner out of the Errol Flynn movie They Died With Their Boots On (1941). I see Steamboat Bill Jr. (1928) on the big screen with live musical accompaniment. I contest a Twitter "fact" with a list of Leading Men shorter than Richard Widmark. I yell at another blogger, reveal myself as @ClassicFilmRead and post a whole bunch of pictures of Actors with Puppies. I follow it up with pictures of Actresses with Kittens. I review the new Errolivia book and the Humphrey Bogart boxed set (complete with vlog!).


My busiest month ever! I write a post every day! Mostly reviews of Humphrey Bogart movies in my 24 Bogie Movie Marathon. I warn other bloggers about Full Disclosure. I fall in love with Brother Orchid (1940).  I post a rare Doris Day interview. Wrote my most popular post this year: Actors Who Remind Me of My Father. Did another vlog review, this time of the Elia Kazan boxed set. Leslie Nielsen passes away. I get people interested in Gentleman Jim (1942).


I continue the 24 Bogie Movie Marathon and don't quite finish. Watch for the rest in the new year! I write about Janet Leigh's tight sweater in Holiday Affair (1949) and most of you don't believe me. I witnessed the most amazing screening of Sunrise (1927) with live musical accompaniment courtesy of Berklee College of Music. They got a standing ovation. Carlos and I see It's a Wonderful Life (1946) at the Brattle. I watch and review King of Kings (1961) just in time for Christmas.

I would like to thank all of you who have read this blog in 2010. This blog would be nothing without my lovely readers. Thank you!


  1. Well, thank you for renewing my interest in classic films - not that it was dead, mind you; it just needed a little spark to get going again, and you were that spark for me. Here's to a better 2011!

  2. Your review of "Make Way For Tomorrow" had really one me over. I had been hearing about that film and was intrigued - then I read your review and thought - "I think I really need to pick this one up." Boy am I glad I did. What a great story! And Orson Welles was a right. It is "so sad it would make a stone cry."

    Many great posts this year!

  3. Thank you for having a great blog this year (well, I've only been around for a few months, but I'm sure the posts at the beginning of the year were wonderful too!). ;-P

  4. A great year on a great blog! Happy New Year--& fwiw, I do believe you about Janet Leigh's sweater!

  5. Thanks for all the creative posts this year Raquelle. Nice work!

  6. This is great! I'm finally going to watch Make Way For Tomorrow next week. I'm already prepared to bawl. Happy New Year!

  7. Rich - Thank you and you're welcome. Happy New Year!

    Robby - Oh that's just wonderful to hear. Thank you so much. I put a lot of heart into that post so I'm glad to hear it's getting other people to watch it. And thanks for the wonderful job you do on your blog. Happy New Year!

    Niamhy - You've got a whole archive of posts (over 450!) from which to read from. Go thee hence! Happy New Year.

    John - I appreciate your friendship. It was a pleasure meeting you in real life and being compadres on line. Happy New Year!

    KC - Thanks so much! And thanks for all the meticulous work you do on your blog. Happy New Year.

    Joanna - Yay! I'm so glad. Do report back once you've seen it and have a Happy New Year!


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