Sunday, October 24, 2010

And the winner of King Kong (1933) on Blu-Ray is...


His fact: Blu-Ray discs are specially clear coated with a special sealant to help avoid against scratches that would otherwise cause play-back issues of the Blu-Ray disc.

Thank you to everyone who participated and provided great facts. Here are the other ones! Enjoy.

  • 191 Movies ~ "Blu-Ray players, even expensive ones, have been sold without providing enough physical memory. Which often means basically you can't stop the movie, shut off the player and then hope to find the scene you were watching without going back to the menu - an annoying waste of time! On the other hand (there's always another hand) Blu-Ray is still worth it for some films. The Godfather, for instance, the Bourne movies, Treasure Of The Sierra Madre, Zulu. The studios have taken a great deal of time and effort to get the images right on Blu-Ray and the effect is amazing and makes buying the Blu-Ray worth it!"
  • John ~" The sound used for King Kong's roar was the combination of a lion's and a tiger's roar played backwards." 
  • Amanda ~ Blu rays can be played on my hubby's PSP3.  I think King Kong's big doors were burnt in the Gone WIth The Wind scene of Atlanta burning.  And to qote IMDB "The 56-cm-high model of King Kong used in the film sold at auction in 2009 for about $203,000 (US). It was originally covered in cotton, rubber, liquid latex, and rabbit fur, but most of the covering has decomposed over the decades"
  • Tom ~ I wouldn't exactly call this a fact, but I feel that the 1926 edition of The Lost World was a test run for King Kong.
  • TommyBlu Ray is cool because of the storage capacity of 50gb that allows so many extras and much better sound and video quality than DVD. 
  • Arnold ~ King Kong was the film which inspired a 13-year-0ld Ray Harryhausen to enter the film industry.  Harryhausen's fascination with Willis O'Brien's masterful visual effects led him to seek out O'Brien and, eventually, work alongside him on 1949's Mighty Joe Young.
  • Adam ~ Blu-Ray films typically run at 24 frames per second, the same as film.  So unlike DVDs, you're only seeing pictures that the director shot.
  • David ~ The difference between blu-rays taken from 35mm sources and 70mm sources is stunning.  Sleeping beauty and 2001 are the demo discs - even above the Pixar ones.  Seriously, put in Sleeping Beauty and skip to "Briar Rose in the Woods" and tell me if ytour jaw doesn't drop.
  • Jeff ~ Blu-Ray is a fantastic technology and when classic films are released in a proper manner, this format is the best way to seem them! But you need to be careful which BD player you buy, as not all are created eaul regarding their firmware. As to KING KONG itself, well it's a seminal film that launched many a kid's monster-feuled fantasy in the decades since it premiered. There's something about the tactile nature of Willis o'Brien's special effects (you can see the hairs on the Kong model flicker from o'Brien's (and others) fingers manipulating it for each stop-motion shot. This classic handmade effect  is totally endearing in the age of CGI. 

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