Saturday, July 25, 2009

Harvard, Mystery Street (1950) and Me!

Did you know that the film Mystery Street (1950) may very well be the first movie filmed on location in Boston?

I recently wrote a review of this film for Film Noir of the Week. It's up now, so go check it out: Review of Mystery Street (1950).

I was simply delighted that real Massachusetts locations were used in the film and I had fun watching as the characters traveled in and out of Boston. One particular shot caught my eye. Ricardo Montalban's character drives up to the gates of Harvard University. He parks his car at a metered spot (and doesn't pay of course) and walks through the gates. I know this may seem mundane to the average person, but being from the area and having walked through those same gates countless of times, I was giddy with glee to know that my beloved Ricardo Montalban walked through those same gates almost 60 years ago.

My friend Kevin took this picture of me (with his iPhone no less) in front of the gates. We happened to be in Harvard Square and I had just finished writing the review.

I hope you'll take an opportunity to read my review over at Steve-O's wonderful Film Noir of the Week blog and watch Mystery Street (1950) for yourself. It's a wonderful jewel of a noir that shouldn't be missed.


  1. Well, you already know I love Mystery Street (Ricardo Montalban being one of my favourite actors) and I knew parts of it had been filmed on location in Boston, but it never occurred to me that you had actually been to some of the locations (forgive me for being a bit dense on that account). That is so cool!

  2. I love this movie and enjoyed seeing your photo at Harvard! It's been way too long since I was last in MA. :)

    Enjoyed reading your review!

    Wanted you to know that due to your mention of COME FLY WITH ME when Karl Malden passed on, I obtained a copy and hope to watch it soon -- looks like a fun '60s movie.

    Best wishes,


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