Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Black-Eye Griffin

One of my favorite TV shows is Family Guy. It's fun, raunchy, clever and full of classic film references. Yes, that's right. You read that correctly. Classic film references. Everyone from Mickey Rooney to Ronald Reagan to Barbara Stanwyck to even Karl Malden have been featured/poked fun at on the show. One of my favorite segments is called "Black-Eye Griffin". The patriarch of the family, Peter Griffin, is telling his wife and kids the history of the Griffin family. Black-Eye Griffin was a silent screen star who was a hit in the 1920s but didn't transition well into talkies. Luckily,, one of my favorite new websites, had a clip of it up. Fox has a tight reign on this show, so any YouTube clips will be pulled immediately. So is your best bet for watching and sharing Family Guy clips.

Hope you like this one! If you are outside the US and can't see this clip, let me know as I can direct you to another site that has it.


  1. Family Guy has some of the best writing of any current show. I'm amazed at all the classic movie/persons references made in Family Guy - clearly the writers are classic film buffs. A good clip to start the day :)

  2. I loved Family Guy when it originally aired (on Fox, before it was canceled), and then the first season or two once it came back, but the last couple seasons have been a bit much...I turned it off the other night, due to a really awful and low-brow WIZARD OF OZ parody.


    I can't watch this clip; I'm on dial-up.


    I always like the Vaudeville guys. And now the piano player's in Hell!

    How delightful... :)

  3. Flippin' sweet, Raquelle...I LOVE Family Guy. Their Star Wars spoof was to a T

  4. The first two season before it was canceled actually weren't that great. But, since it's come back on the air it's been absolutely brilliant.


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