Monday, February 16, 2009

Pillow Talk @ the Brattle

On Wednesday, some friends and I got together to see one of my all-time favorite films Pillow Talk (1959) on the big screen. My fellow co-worker Frank, a notorious Doris Day-hater, was not invited. The idea of the get-together started as far back as March of last year. That's when I had my tricked out, movie night showcasing Pillow Talk and a couple of other '60s sex comedies (see my post about that here). A few of my friends couldn't make the movie night and I was determined that I would share this film with them if it was the last thing I did! Fast forward to February 2009 and the Brattle Theater in Harvard Square just happens to be showcasing Pillow Talk as part of their fourth annual Great Romances event. Finally! Not only could I see my darling film on the big screen, but I also got a chance to drag those slackers, err friends to see it with me.

And they all came! Gina and Lisa R. were Pillow Talk virgins and H. had seen the film before. Kevin, who had been at the original movie night, came along with his friend Lisa D. One friend, Hazie, couldn't make it (we missed her!). And of course, Frank was not invited.

Lisa R., Kevin and Gina buying tickets for the show

H., Gina, Lisa R., Kevin and Lisa D. participating in some pre-show bonding.

The audience reaction to the film was better than I expected. Pillow Talk is a funny movie with lots of sexual innuendos and silly moments that make it fun to watch. The best part was seeing how much my friends enjoyed the film. They laughed throughout the movie and I was on cloud nine!

Lisa R., Gina, H. and moi after the show

One of the great parts of watching a favorite film with friends, are those little things that a friend will notice that I hadn't until then. For example, the best joke of the film is the shot of Rock Hudson carrying wood. So sly, so underhanded, so obviously sexual, yet so subtle. I went years without noticing it until Kevin pointed it out to me. Kudos to Kevin!

And a big thank you to my friends for so graciously joining me for a night of fun that only a good '60s sex comedy can provide.

Frank wasn't invited.


  1. Wow sounds like Frank missed a lot. ;) I'd be interested in hearing why he hates Doris Day.

    Looks like it was great fun. I've been trying to get up the courage to get my slacker friends to watch some classic films for ages. You may just be the last nudge I need. :)

  2. How wonderful for your friends to see it the first time on the big screen! Somehow, I've never seen this movie, and I wish that's how I could see it the first time! I'll have to settle for getting it on DVD one of these days, as this post definitely makes me want to rent it now!

  3. How fun! Poor Frank, he missed out on all the fun. I'm with Casey, how can one hate Doris?

  4. Pillow Talk is such a great film. I never caught the carrying wood joke. How could I have missed that!

  5. Oh me oh my. You got to see Pillow Talk at Harvard Square? How could I have missed that? I love that movie!

    Ah me...there once was a time when I wouldn't have understood the wood joke!

  6. I'm hoping Frank will come on here and explain. If he doesn't surface, I'll hazard a guess.

  7. I am so envious of you. Pillow Talk may be my favourite sex comedy of all time, and I have always wanted to see it on the big screen.

    And I am with everyone else, how can anyone hate Doris Day?!

  8. That does it. The next time I watch "Pillow Talk", I'm not going to invite Frank, either.

  9. Well, I ought to defend myself. :-)

    For some reason, the "Doris Day" persona rubs me the wrong way. It is rather difficult to articulate why, but I am sure we all can name actors and actresses about whom we are extremely apathetic. She makes sitting through Hitchcock's remake of The Man Who Knew Too Much extremely difficult. I will certainly admit that she was very good at what she did.

    Raquel has recommended viewing Young Man With A Horn which I am certainly willing to try!

  10. Doris Day is very un-Doris Day in Young Man with a Horn, so I'm sure you'll like it Frank.

    And it's okay to be apathetic. You can't like everyone! I have a nice hefty list of people I can't stand.

  11. Hey Raquelle,

    That was really a fun evening out for everyone involved. I'm glad I was there. And thank you for mentioning my "and he's carrying all that wood" observation! Sometimes it pays to have a dirty mind to recognize a filmmaker's intention. :-)

    Poor Frank is under a lot of fire in this comment section regarding Doris Day. But it's true, you can't like every classic movie actor. I personally thought Doris is very appealing in "Pillow Talk", and so was Rock Hudson!


  12. I probably should confess that I was curious about the Doris Day question because I find her unappealing, too. I'm sorry, Raquelle. :( I actually agree w/ Frank's assessment of The Man Who Knew Too Much. She was interesting, but somehow I just don't really like her. Maybe Dr. Raquelle should prescribe Young Man With A Horn for me, too... :)

  13. I'm so jealous! I would have wanted to see Top Hat, too! I wish TCM would have some kind of "movie of the month" where every month in every theater they play an old movie. Wouldn't that be great?


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