Saturday, April 12, 2008

Out of the Past, Into the Now ~ M




A Graphic Novel based on the film by Fritz Lang
Illustrated by Jon J Muth
192 Pages

I went to my local Barnes & Noble on Wednesday, doing market research for my magazine project, and I was sidetracked by the pretty table with various new titles. All of a sudden, as I'm browsing the array of covers, I spot a big "M". My jaw dropped as I picked up a graphic novel illustrated by Jon J Muth based on the Fritz Lang film M (1931). I had to put the book down and turn away otherwise I would have immediately spent money I don't have to purchase it! I blanked on it for the rest of the day, until the following morning the shock returned and I texted my friend Kevin about it. Once I got to work, I ambushed my other friend Frank about it too. Anyone I know who would appreciate this revolutionary new book had to know. Frank pointed out that the book comes with a DVD of the film! Ahhh!!!! Must... get... book... NOW! I put it on my wishlist and as soon as I come into a few more dollars I'm buying it. I had recently saw the film and was very impressed by Peter Lorre's performance and the political view of the clashing of different classes and the abuse and distrust of authority. The only thing I was put off by was the amount of smoking (some actors disappeared through clouds of cigarette smoke). I can't wait to get this book and see how a modern illustrator reinterprets this story!


  1. Here in Brooklyn they are showing some rare Lorre vehicles at Brooklyn Academy of Music and I'm planning to see all three if possible -- Face Behind the Mask, Stranger on the Third Floor and The Verdict. I just say Three Strangers and The Mask of Dimitrios and my regard for Lorre just keeps growing. Several of his directors thought he could do anything. I don't know why he is poorly represented on DVD, since he's a performer that you don't have to be a buff to love.

    But M is his best performance, of that I am sure even without seeing the rest of his movies, it's that good. How many actors could play a child killer, without flinching or downplaying the horror of that, but still make you feel pity for the man's wretchedness?

  2. I so need that book. It's the first I've heard of it and I'm about to put an order in so thanks for the heads up.

    I found this blog purely by chance, nice to know there are fellow bloggers with similar taste in movies out there.

    Keep up the good work, I look forward to your next post.


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