Thursday, August 16, 2007

MySpace is for Classic Film Lovers

Name your favorite actor or actress from classic film. Chances are they have a page. Some fan out there poured their heart, soul and knowledge of html coding into a veritable shrine in honor of their favorite star. These honorary pages are full of photographs, videos, music and biographical information, often putting bland IMDB pages to shame. When you find one, you inevitably find others because MySpace is a friendly place and chances are this fan has a list of fans who also have related shrines. They are quite fun to explore and I highly recommend checking them out.

Here are some of my favorites...


  1. wonderful!

    here's another one:

    Helen Chandler

    it may actually be the best source of information about this underrated (and sadly underutilized) actress of the 1930s

  2. Thanks Anagramsci! I'm shocked that I've never heard of Helen Chandler. Do you have a film of hers that you can recommend to me.


  3. Mina in Dracula is her most famous role, I suppose--although I like her best in things like "Mr. Boggs Steps Out" and "Outward Bound" (which I would kill to see again--how I wish I had taped it back in the eighties when I first saw it!)

    the only other film I've seen her in is the Hepburn "Christopher Strong", which plays quite frequently on TCM, I believe...

    anyway--there's just something about her that's more interesting than any of her roles (and the little I've read about her life certainly goes some way toward explaining that...what a sad story!)

    Anagramsci (aka David Fiore--man of many blogs, and not enough entries... hopefully that will change once I submit this semester's grades!)

  4. There is a picture and a good write up on Helen Chandler here:

  5. David! You sly fox you.

    Thank you for the heads up on this actress. I went ahead and put Dracula on my Netflix queue.

    By the way, I am desperate to watch Double Wedding but cannot find it amongst my piles of videos! I know I taped it during some Myrna Loy marathon or some such. I have only seen clips of it, but it looks to be very enjoyable.


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