Friday, June 15, 2007


Welcome to my classic film blog. This is a new venture for me, as my devotion to films started just as a budding interest and has now developed into a full-fledged passion. This won't be your boring ole run-of-the-mill movie review blog. Oh no. This will just be a forum for me to talk wildly about anything film related. I'll discuss films I've seen, actors and actresses I like and related books and biographies. Here you'll learn about my interest in blonde-Bette Davis films, my love for Robert Mitchum, Dennis Morgan and Richard Barthelmess, by supreme admiration for Norma Shearer, my love of Hitchcock films and 30's slapstick comedies and my fascination with Turner Classic Movies.

I'm a voracious watcher and although I try to be chosy about which films I devote my time to, I am really up for anything. I'm a curious creature by nature so I gobble up biographical information and I love to learn about stars' love lives. It's all in good fun and I'll always try to be good-natured about it. So please come back and visit (often!). I watch a lot of films and always have lots to talk about so I hope that translates into frequent entries! Enjoy!

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