Wednesday, February 18, 2009

If Jeff Bailey from Out of the Past (1947) were on

Baby, I don't care.

30-year old man
Bridgeport, California
seeking women 23-25
within 100 miles of Bridgeport

Relationship: Never Married
Have Kids: None
Want Kids: Someday (3)
Body Type: Rugged
Height: 6" 1'
Smoke: Regularly
Drink: Regularly

About Me and Who I'm Looking For

I recently came out of a bad relationship with a dangerous woman. When she murdered my ex-partner and I discovered she was carrying stolen money, I knew I had to move on. I need someone who isn't like a leaf blowing from one gutter to another. And one that isn't awfully cold around the heart. She has to love fishing, be kind and want to live a quiet life in a cottage with me and our children. I deserve a break.

In My Own Words:

For Fun: Fishing on mean rivers, imbibing drinks and not paying for them and smacking seedy nightclub managers.
My Job: Pumping Gas. It's decent work.
Favorite hot spots: San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, Bridgeport, Acapulco

About Me

Best Feature: Chin Dimple
Sports and exercise: Chasing people
Education: Street smart
Occupation: Gas Attendent/Other
Income: $5k per job
Turn-ons: Danger & Excitement and Calmness & Security
Turn-offs: Murder, Back-stabbing, Theft, Deceit

About My Date

Hair: Blonde, Dark blonde, Red
Eyes: Flirty ones with long eyelashes
Height: 5'0" to 5'6"
Body type: Slender
Smoke: Regularly
Drink: Social Drinker or Regularly
Have kids: None
Want kids: Someday


coolattas3 said...

Wow. I love that format. If there were movie characters on, I would never have let my membership expire. :-) Great post!!

caseykoester said...

This is sheer genius, Raquelle! So neat. My favorite part is "Turn-offs: Murder." :) Totally hilarious - and true!

Anagramsci said...

this is fantastic!

you should make this a regular feature!

John Hayes said...

This is such a cool idea, & so well done. Bravo!

Jonas Nordin said...

Raquelle, HaHa! Brilliant idea as usual. Made my day!

Bill Stankus said...

Nicely done.

Laura said...

I love it! Thanks for the smile.

Best wishes,

Kate Gabrielle said...

This is so clever!! I agree with Anagramsci, you should definitely make this a regular feature, I love it :)

Raquelle said...

This has to be my most popular post! Thanks everyone for your comments. I'll definitely do a follow up with Kathie Moffat. :-)

John McElwee said...

Wonderful, Wonderful!
A Genius Inspiration!

Also loved your account of the "Pillow Talk" outing.

Riham said...

I loved this post.It sums up the whole movie in a nice and funny way :)!


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