Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pie in the Sky

A dream, but it would never be reality! This was a project for my Magazine class. I had to come up with a new idea for a magazine. It was really difficult to pitch because it wouldn't really sell. But I tried. I'm always sneaking in classic films in homework whenever possible.


Bill Stankus said...

Stopped by for a visit simply because of your blog title. Out of the Past is definitely on my permanent top 10 movies list. Nice job, I will return.

Bonnie Bauman said...

What a gorgeous cover!!! Oh, if there was a Classic Film Mag, not only would I read it, I would beg the publishers to hire me to write for it (I'm a freelance journalist)! Here's something else to add to your fantasy--we could both be staff writers for the mag.!

Keep up the good work on the blog--let me know if you ever need a guest blogger--I am an avid fan of pre-codes, and worship norma, joan c. and bette d. -Bonnie:)

Bonnie Bauman said...

Hi R., I tried to e-mail you directly, but my "Outlook" isn't configured correctly, so I couldn't email you by clicking on your link--just a quick question: do you ever bid on hard to find classics at ebay? I just got a norma shearer movie "smilin' through" for $6!

Raquelle said...

Hey Bill - Thanks for stopping by. I'll definitely be checking out your blog too.

Hi Bonnie- My e-mail is Quellenitemare@hotmail.com . Gotta be careful putting that on my site since bots search for addresses to spam.

I am thinking of doing a guest blogging feature in June. If you want to send me something you'd like to post, I'll include it in what I'm collecting.

Bonnie Bauman said...

Hi R., I'd love to write a guest blog! I'll write something up and shoot it on over to you:) How fun!


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