Monday, April 26, 2010

Now Available on Kindle

A subscription to Out of the Past ~ A Classic Film Blog is now available through the Amazon Kindle store for the Kindle eReader device. You can test it out for a free 14 day trial and if you like what you read you can subscribe for a nominal monthly fee to get all future blog posts sent directly to your Kindle device. And yes I know everyone and their mother is going to copy this idea but at least you saw it here first (or second or third depending on what other blogs you read).


  1. Raquel,

    If I had a Kindle I would definitely subscribe. I am sure you will have many subscriptions!

  2. I commented on Thoughtful Eating too, so not to be redundant I'd add that I'd be interested in learning about your experience with this--both the logistics of setting it up & how it works out. Again, best luck!

  3. That is way cool. And I must admit that it is something that never occurred to me!

  4. hi Quelle, i nominated you for a kreativ blogger award, take a look if/when you have the time :)


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