Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hell Hath No Fury Like That of a Woman Scorned!

I am parting ways temporarily with my personal DVD distributor after a much heated tiff. To my utter dismay, this particular distributor, who shall hereforth go nameless, was disloyal to me - a faithful customer of many years. Out of nowhere they took away the availability of the sixth season a show that I have come to love (see previous post), right around the time that I had been finishing the fifth season. If I had rented it a week or two earlier I would have seen it, and I feel that because I didn't watch the series fast enough, I have been punished and thus deprived of watching the sixth season. Why would they suddenly remove the availability of one season? And why had they not contacted customers who had this series in their queue to notify them of this sudden change? Their lack of consideration irked me immensely.

If you know me, then you know that I'm oftentimes hot-blooded and emotional. In what might be considered the e-version of drunk dialing, I sent a nasty complaint to said distributor in the heat of the moment. Words were exchanged, and it was not pretty. I've decided to put them on 2 month probation. It will be good for me because I can focus on my schoolwork and catching up with the multitude of unwatched, taped films I have in my current inventory.

I feel that my distributor and I need to have some time apart from each other. I think when I come back I will no longer be upset and will be excited to get back to watching DVDs regularly. They will, of course, not have learned their lesson, but I need to come to terms with that on my own.

Am I over-reacting? Well, yes of course I am. But I reserve the right to express my disappointment and act on it in a healthy manner, which for me means over-reacting. Hell hath no fury, like that of a woman scorned.

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  1. I can relate -- I'm a great over-reactor myself.

    Hey, I like the Shearer poll! Are you going to tell us which is your favorite?


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