Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Blonde Bette Davis: New Biography

Today, I read a Publisher's Weekly review of the new Bette Davis biography by Ed Sikov called Dark Victory: The Life of Bette Davis. Holt is coming out with it in November and I'm excited to read it. I love the title, since it borrows the name from a film that is lesser known yet probably the best from Davis' oeuvre. Also, the title is clever; the title of a movie that is relative and meaningful to the subject, followed by an explanatory subtitle. I wonder who else has come up with a clever title like that?

I've been wanting to read a biographical account of Davis' life but have been avoiding The Girl Who Walked Home Alone: Bette Davis - A Personal Biography. I don't know why, but something about it doesn't call out to me. The Holt title seems more indicative of a biography that reveals something about it's subject. And I like my biographies to be juicy and dripping with gossip. I couldn't get enough of the two Marc Eliot bios (Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart) and I'm hoping this title can feed my hunger for details.

If and when I can get my hands on a copy of this gem, I'll make sure to review it here.

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